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The Most Controversial Book Title Of The Year “Meat is for Pussies”

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Before you start writing us hate mail based on the title of John Joseph’s new book, MEAT IS FOR PUSSIES, listen up.   This book has a controversial title, yes.   But the content is pure life-changing.  The Most Controversial Book Title Of The Year “Meat is for Pussies”

With MEAT IS FOR PUSSIES, John Joseph makes sure you never look at meat the same way again in this how-to guide for “dudes who want to get fit.” The title alone tells you this is not your stereotypical book about veganism, nutrition and fitness. And how could it be? John Joseph is an icon in NYC’s hardcore/punk scene as a member of the seminal and globally respected band, Cro-Mags. His early life was tumultuous and traumatic (as told in his last mind-blowingly engrossing book THE EVOLUTION OF A CRO-MAGNON,) but changing how he thought about food saved him from the same early death many of his peers fell victim to. Today, almost 30 years since first swearing off meat, John is training for an Ironman Triathlon, rocking insane mosh pits worldwide and hitting the gym every day. Oh, and he’s a fierce fan of the GirlieGirl Army and majorly respects the ladies.

The knowledge contained in MEAT IS FOR PUSSIES worked for John, and it can work for anyone (not just men!) who want to stay healthy and kick ass. Written in language that is straightforward, hilarious, and sometimes wild – Meat is for Pussies proves that consuming a plant-based whole food diet makes men strong, athletically competitive and virile (just wait til you get to the penis chapter!) John Joseph is living proof that being vegan is not for pussies. The book contains a seven-day meal plan and workout plan along with a list of John’s favorite whole foods and natural products.


And the book already has some fans;

Dr. Fred Bisci, says, “John Joseph’s in-your-face, kick-in-the-groin style of writing will get your attention. Be prepared for a wild ride. For those of you who want to change your lifestyle, READ THIS BOOK.”

Pro Ironman triathlete, formulator of Vega, and best-selling author of Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life, Brendan Brazier says;

“In language that cannot be misunderstood, John has written the quintessential pussy-transformation guide. Meat is for Pussies is essential for every man who strives to leave pussyism in the dust. Do yourself (and your friends who think you’re a pussy) a favor and read it. John cleverly explains why exclusively eating plants is a truly sensible option. From my own experience, I don’t hesitate to say that a plant-based whole food diet is the superior choice for boosting athletic performance. I owe my professional athletic career to it.”Musician Moby says;

“”I’m really glad that John Joseph is finally showing that vegans are some of the strongest, healthiest, and toughest people on the planet. I mean, everyone wants to be thin and healthy and live long lives, but people still eat meat? That’s insane.”

And chicks dig this book too!

Rory Freedman, Author of Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bastard, says;

“Make no mistake: If you mess with him, John Joseph will break a bottle over your head, beat you with a chain, or pound you senseless with his fists. He has lived a life few could even imagine, let alone survive. So if you measure a man by his grit, it’s safe to say that John Joseph is as tough as they come. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s totally hot that he’s such a badass. But what really gets me going is that this shredded beast is a vegan – he doesn’t eat any animal products. Huge turn-on. Meat is for Pussies will completely transform your mind, body, and life. It’ll also score you major ass with hot vegan chicks.”

In response to the potentially offensive title – John says;

“The title, “MEAT IS FOR PUSSIES”  has nothing to do with a woman’s body.  It was conceived after I heard a meat-eating gym rat say that ALL VEGANS look like skinny little pussies. Well, after I schooled him, we decided to break the wimpy vegan stereotype and throw it back in their faces. It’s a play on words, its a NYC street-slang term and me being someone who was raised on the streets of NYC I know full well that shock brings attention, and as my target audience are those kinds of people, the title makes perfect sense. Much like the title “SKINNY BITCH” our title is to get attention and make people focus on the issues of health and animal cruelty. I don’t hate or degrade women in any way in the book, or in my personal life, as a matter of fact I praise women for being more bad ass and conscious than the guys on this planet.  I think being someone who has made thousands of vegans and vegetarians through my music in the last 29 years with the Cro-Mags, and in my every day life,  considering the fact I am dealing with my target audience: AGGRESSIVE CLOSE-MINDED MEN, the end justifies the means.”


Visit for more information.   Talk about a way to strike up convo’s on the beach.. “What’s that book you are reading?”

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  1. […] ***The GirlieGirl Army*** » Blog Archive » Meat is for Pussies – view page – cached Before you start writing us hate mail based on the title of John Joseph’s new book, MEAT IS FOR PUSSIES, available now from Crush Books, listen up. Tweets about this link Topsy.Data.Twitter.User[‘cleaninggirl’] = {“photo”:””,”url”:””,”nick”:”cleaninggirl”}; cleaninggirl: “RT @GirlieGirlArmy The MUST-READ BOOK OF THE SUMMER W/ most controversial title ” 16 minutes ago retweet Topsy.Data.Twitter.User[‘girliegirlarmy’] = {“photo”:””,”url”:””,”nick”:”girliegirlarmy”}; girliegirlarmyHighly Influential: “The MUST-READ BOOK OF THE SUMMER! (W/ the most controversial title!) ” 19 minutes ago retweet Topsy.Data.Twitter.User[‘marykaymanfeed’] = {“photo”:””,”url”:””,”nick”:”marykaymanfeed”}; marykaymanfeed: “Meat is for Pussies: Before you start writing us hate mail based on the title of John Joseph’s new book, MEAT IS F… ” 45 minutes ago retweet Filter tweets […]

  2. staci says:

    So perpetuating the negative usage of the word pussy in the name of animal rights is okay? NO. FUCK OFF. It’s not an “NYC street-slang term” and you godamn well know it. Using the word pussy as an insult is a nationwide phenomenon and it needs to stop. It implies that women are weak, lesser. And it makes the speaker sound like an uneducated, misogynistic asshole. Using one form of oppression to fight another is NOT OKAY. Shame on Girlie Girl Army for supporting this sexist jerk.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Staci has a point. And we should probably get rid of the word “dick”, too. However, I think we need to choose our battles here. Getting the word out about veganism in a provocative way is the only way to get some people’s attention.
    I applaud Girlie Girl for supporting this book as an empowering source for both genders.

  4. Zizi says:

    I have a pussy and I don’t find this title degrading at all, as a matter of fact I have bought several copies of John’s book for friends!! If shock value is what it’s going to take to get people to see what the hell is going on in the meat and dairy industry, the suffering and torture that these animals endure, if this book can change even a few people’s minds about where that hamburger came from, and WHY you can still be in great shape without ingesting all of that crap THEN MORE POWER TO JOHN JOSEPH AND THIS WOMAN WITH A PUSSY IS RIGHT BEHIND HIM! Vegan and proud and ready to kick ass…….

  5. Chloe says:

    Straight up: I totally cringed when I first heard this title. I’m a feminist and has always been a very inclusive, feminist, open space. But knowing the conditions of factory farms, and having seen how animals are treated.. my sentiment has become very “by any means necessary” when it comes to getting people to LISTEN UP and stop eating animals. Words can hurt, but sometimes reclaiming words (aka Lesbians using the word Dyke, The magnificent book “Cunt” by Inga Muscio, etc..) is very powerful. Would I have preferred the title of this book to be “Pussy Rules the World – and so does Tofu!” Sure. But I didn’t write the book. And frankly, no meat heads would read that book. I see what John is trying to accomplish by shocking people into reading about these scary truths. So, I don’t mind if John Joseph uses the word PUSSY to get people to open their ears to the plights of the billions of tortured farm animals. In fact, I highly recommend anyone more interested in feminism’s connection to animal rights to read some Carol Adams or this GGA piece: AND then.. read the book.. and see how John later in the book makes it clear his intentions in the title were always just based on shock value and trying to save the world. There is no 100% ethical/ feminist/ politically correct forum or content. At least this book is trying to save lives – human and animal..

  6. Hana says:

    Staci, stop giving so much power to a word. I for one refuse to get worked up over any buzz word when used by someone that I know to not be a racist, bigot, etc.

  7. marie says:

    Hana, I’ll keep that in mind the next time someone calls me a nigger. Seriously, there is some serious privilege issues that need to be checked when talk of reclaiming certain words comes up, particularly in regards to effective animal advocacy. No disrespect to Girlie Girl Army. Heck, I’m not particularly offended by John Joseph, but the response by some people to essentially “get over it” is tiring and can seriously alienate others.

  8. Mandi says:

    I think the title of this book is pure genius. It grabs attention and evokes a giggle (for those of us that have a sense of humor).

    When I first heard about this book I didn’t think for a second it was referring to a woman’s anatomy (which it is not). I personally don’t give much thought to words and most certainly don’t let them have emotional power over me. It’s all about the MESSAGE, kids. And bringing to light the fact that men can be manly without eating meat is a wonderful and much needed message.

    Let’s not judge this book by it’s cover.

  9. WORDS are just words, ACTIONS are what matter.
    To all the nay sayers-What are you doing to end the abuse torture, rape, murder and exploitation of all beings???

    Are you writing a book, or making any product that sticks your neck out for public scrutiny?…. probably not….. you are writing on a blog about a word, are you even vegan??

    Getting people to go vegan, especially men, trumps any power given to this word.

    By the shear fact that John is a vegan,by his actions he is showing how deeply he cares about female rights, as well as animals rights- more than 99% of the male population.

    So what if he uses the word, do we want to argue over words, or get people to stop fucking torturing,abusing and treating animals like they are our property?

    It’s so obvious the word is being used for shock value and in this culture of desensized idiots, it seems to be the only thing that gets there attention.

    I am very sensitive to derogarory words, and I didn’t even for a second think about the word in the title, because getting people to go vegan, would end the power people give this word anyway….

    drop your ego and open your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Francesca says:

    I agree with staci. Sexist terminology is not okay no matter why it is used. As far as reclaiming words, as far as I know John Joseph doesn’t have a pussy. Therefore he cannot reclaim the word.

    Shock value using a word that degrades women and womanhood by equating them with weakness and being “lesser than” does not serve some greater purpose. You do not gain rights for one group by trampling on te rights of another group. Interest in the rights of animals came out of an interest in the rights of children. Early advocates for the rights of women were often abolitionists. Intersectionality matters.

  11. RGrey says:

    I would be interested in seeing the response to this title if it was “Meat is for Fags” or some other group that has been subject to hate speech.

    PETA and other groups have done enough to alienate progressive feminists; this does not help.

  12. John Joseph says:

    TO ALL THE WOMEN OFFENDED by the title of my book. First, the title has nothing to do with women, women’s body parts, womanhood or anything else you’re bringing up. It is a NYC slang term for a wimp, and nothing more, maybe you should direct your anger at the industry doing the damage like I have. Much more offensive to me, is what’s being done to the animals. I make no apologies for the title, say what you want, I’ve made tens of thousands of veg/vegans in my 30 year long fight against animal slaughter, through my band and my causes, I have my voice & my way of speaking. Yes I agree, fighting over words when billions are slaughtered every year is ludicrous, and these are the same people who attacked my friend Rory Freedman for titling her book “SKINNY BITCH”, which by the way probably made a million people go vegan and brought great awareness to the animal rights movement. When you can boast those types numbers I will listen to what you have to say, as I believe you should judge things by THE RESULT because in my eyes THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS, I know who I’m reaching, the average Joe’s across America who you so-called activists could never reach with all your internet squabbles over words. And as a matter of fact the book has only been out a week and already I’ve received over 150 e-mails from just those types; construction workers, cops, soldiers, etc who have given up meat after reading my book. And btw if you have so much internet energy, Im starting a vegan food program for the homeless, come on down and get in the trenches, thats putting your money where your mouth is, or in this case… your keystrokes. NAMASTE to ALL EARTHLINGS – even the ones filled with hate. Rock on Girlie Girl! (((((((((((((( ; John Joseph – singer for Cro-Mags & author – MIFP.

  13. meredith says:

    I’m all for creative, meaningful ways to turn people on to veganism but I’m troubled by Meat is for Pussies both because of the sexist language and because in all of the interviews I’ve seen with John Joseph he never mentions the word “vegan.”

    Many omnivores already think vegans are wacky because we apparently all support Peta’s often-sexist actions (think: Lettuce Ladies, I’d rather go naked than wear fur, State of the Union Undress, etc.) If his so-called target audience is so close-minded why confuse them even further by conflating veganism with the term “vegetarian?”

  14. John Joseph says:

    @ Meredith… much like a mother may disguise medicine, putting it in carob hemp milk, (don’t wanna offend the anti-soy people) knowing the V-word is a turn off to mainstream america, I avoided using it in the title, or on the cover, but all 200+ pages are flooded with it. And btw, i’m sure you’ve seen ALL my interviews, right? I mean there are thousands. Okay, I said my piece, time to go cycling. Happy Memorial Day!

  15. SDS says:

    True – VAGINA has nothing to do w a woman’s body part.

    Also true – using the word in a derogatory way indicating weakness, insecurity is brilliant and really supports women’s issues

    Using Skinny Bitch as a reference? the two models/authors calling children ‘assholes’ and women ‘bitches’ etc etc etc throughout the entire book is just wonderful, healthy, ethical and is congruent w a ‘compassionate’ self righteous, angry vegan stance on diet. get real.

  16. colleen says:

    At least there is dialogue…but reading some of these posts, it seems like some people missing the “big picture”.

    I bought this book after meeting the author through a pal of mine.

    The first thing I asked the author is if his book is for guys only, and he immediately replied “its for everyone!” His demeanor was full of sincerity , passion and enthusiasm.

    Yes, his direct street-smart style comes across…but so do the facts.
    Reading about the risks of bio-engineering and big business and how it affects our health is shocking…many may choose not to believe it…but this is not the first time I have read this info….but the first time it was so clear, direct and succinct.

    Read the book. Then judge it by its cover.

    I am proud to read it on the subway! Nest step is to put it into action.


  17. colleen says:

    At least there is dialogue but reading some of these posts, it seems like some people missing the big picture.

    I bought this book after meeting the author through a pal of mine.

    The first thing I asked the author is if his book is for guys only, and he immediately replied its for everyone! His demeanor was full of sincerity , passion and enthusiasm.

    Yes, his direct street-smart style comes across but so do the facts.
    Reading about the risks of bio-engineering and big business and how it affects our health is shocking many may choose not to believe it but this is not the first time I have read this info but the first time it was so clear, direct and succinct.

    Read the book. Then judge it by its cover.

    I am proud to read it on the subway! Next step is to put it into action.


  18. Dharma Hooligan says:

    This is hysterical. I have been actively, sometimes violently, fighting against racism, sexism, classism since I was 11 years old, as well as just recently, speciesism. I have had my head stapled shut from the boot kicks of Neo-Nazi’s, my leg broke by standing up to a man who was belittling and abusing his girlfriend in public, and I am appalled by the victim stance people have been taking lately. It is not words that perpetuate chauvinism, but the passive stance taken on those that actually are intending damage with said words. You can’t rightfully consider yourself an activist until you have actively done something to better the issue at hand. Grab a Molotov cocktail and then come talk to me. And Francesca, in the late 1800’s, the ASPCA was the only organization willing to take up the case of a girl repeatedly beaten by her mother,cause there were no children protection laws then. So the ruling of the court later helped to form the SPCC (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children).

  19. Francesca says:

    Dharma Hooligan- that was my point- the beginnings of animal rights were linked to the fight against other injustices.

    John, I don’t just stay on the Internet doing nothing. I volunteer at a shelter and I’m working on a startup nonprofit to help te traveling kids in Tompkins. I would be very interested in your project to bring vegan food to the homeless- that is one of the projects I’m working on, though really teaching them how to prepare healthy vegan food for under $5. Without a kitchen.

    Something I read lately in reference to being an ally to a movement- if a member if a group tells you thing x is offensive- and you are not a member of that group-you should sit back and listen, not defend the statement even if you didn’t mean it to be offensive.

  20. Todd Irwin says:

    Ladies, with all due respect, this book was not written for you. It was written directly to all the misguided dudes who have been ridiculing all the vegan guy warriors for who knows how many years. We are tired of taking their crap. How they talk down to vegetarian and vegan dudes. How they constantly belittle us and treat us like we’re a bunch of wimps. Fuck them i say. They need to wake up to the fact that their burger and barbeque lifestyles are killing our kids and killing the planet. Kudos to John Joseph and the other v-dude warriors out there for having the guts to take them on. And if you are seriously wound so tight as to not get the humor in the title, then shame on you for having such a limited focus and not getting the guy joke. Really. The meaning of the title is simply this; meat eaters are the real pussies because eating meat is tied to death and destruction. End of story.

    Much respect Chloe for posting your review, you rock.


  21. Mindy says:

    “First, the title has nothing to do with women, women’s body parts, womanhood or anything else you’re bringing up. It is a NYC slang term for a wimp, and nothing more”

    Really? Why exactly do you think that pussy is slang for a wimp, if it is not to effectively call that man a woman, thereby casting women in a lesser light? Are you calling him a cat?

  22. KrissyNYHC says:

    Are you guys all too dumb to see the point here? really? If John titled the book “Go Vegan and be healthy” do you really think his word would be spread to the masses. He is trying to educate the people who are blind to the large corporations (FU Monsanto!) and not offend anyone. I am a surgical nurse, we use the term vagina all the time to name a female part of the anatomy. Pussy is slang, it’s used all the time to refer to a weaker person, not a woman, anyone. Instead of wasting your time ranting and raving about women’s rights and being insulted, why don’t you guys inform yourself on what’s going on and spend your time writing to your congressmen and the large corporations that are making you all sick. Or, just turn a blind eye and write about how “offended” you are. Well, guess what? No matter how offended you are, things are changing rapidly and your feelings being hurt will be the LEAST of your problems.

  23. Sandra Schmid says:

    It is amazing that some people – especially those from a so-called movement, who should be supporting the few trying to get this message for peace and compassion for all living beings out there – give more power to WORDS than to ACTIONS.

    I try to understand the point some women have about the word PUSSY is relating to the female body part. But as of my knowledge (as a european with another native language than english) the word PUSSY is also related to an animal named CAT, to a person who’s WEAK and I’m sure to much other stuff…so what?

    I of course understand the fact that some women may get “confused” by the title first. But come on, it is OBVIOUS that the name of the book has NOTHING to do with degrading women or even with a woman’s body part.

    Actually everybody should have the intelligence to just get that immediately. Also having the sense of humor to laugh about it… The ones who maybe could feel offended are the ones who are actually eating meat. But if they would read the book, they would immediately feel the compassion John got for all those people, cause we all are not perfect. It’s just a matter of education.
    If you don’t know what’s going on, how could you choose?!

    I read some of the comments from the “critics camp” and the word MOVEMENT came to my attention alot. The thing that made me sad was, that I became the feeling being part of a movement (of veganism or even feminism) is more important to some, than to get out the message of truth to ALL the people on this earth.
    I mean come on, what “meat-head” would check out a book which topic is obviously veganism. Nobody I know – and I know a lot of meat people of all different “scenes”.
    Also, we have to face the truth and reality, that there are social groups who use a certain language… May you like it or not. Thats a fact.
    And it cannot be, that only those who are privileged to have had a certain school education or a good social position or a big bank account, get the chance to discover a lifestyle that could CHANGE lifes – and the lifes of peoples kids and their kids… not to mention the impact on the animals and nature. The title is catching attention…and that is what its all about! The book is for everybody…

    To change the concsiousness of this planet, you gotta change the concsioussness of the people …of ALL people….especially the ones who had no lobby before (cause they are usually the majority).


  24. Todd Irwin says:

    Maybe all you opposing women should organize a Meat Is For Pussies book burning event… the same way the religious zealots burned Beatles records!

  25. Francesca says:

    So would it be okay for a book targeting white people to called Meat is for N****s? Hey, if any black people are offended they should just STFU because that’s what’s best for the animals and hey, people use that kind of language whether you like it or not.

    No one suggested a book burning. To tell women they shouldn’t be offended and comparing them to religous zealots is beyond uncalled for.

  26. themessenger says:

    It’s a shame that people get so caught up with such insignificant things like “Meat is for Pussies” as the title of a book that the entire message gets lost. It’s just a book title, nothing more, nothing less. It does not perpetuate sexism as much as you like to scream that it does.

    When was the last time any of you put your name on the line to help change the world?? Thought so. Instead you spend your time complaining and whining when you could put that energy into actual change.

    Remember the saying “Never judge a book by its cover”? John Joseph is a warrior for all human and animal rights, and if he used a word that you dont like, well, get over it. I’m sure you’ll thrash my comment, go ahead, doesnt change the fact that John’s book will open more eyes to the horrible world of animal abuse and the nightmares of factory farming then you ever will.

    Good job John and GirlieGirl Army, keep up the good fight.

  27. Chelsea says:

    Words mean things. I don’t care if you claim you’ve attributed a different meaning to a word. Once it has a derogatory connotation, you simply cannot use it in such a flippant way and expect to not offend anyone, and then be insensitive to those who are offended. ESPECIALLY if you are not affected by the word because of your gender, race, sexual orientation, body, ability, etc. As other posters have commented, the term ‘pussy’ has been attributed to vaginas, and has been used as an insult to those who are considered to be wimps. Therefore, it suggests that women are weak or otherwise inadequate. (HINT: That’s sexist.)

    The book could have had ANY OTHER TITLE that did not insult a group of people, but instead, the author decided to cater to the misogynist population in order to market his book. Never mind that oppression in itself (no matter the victims) is wrong, that it is wrong to advance a cause at the expense of another and is actually a disservice to BOTH causes, since all forms of oppression are connected. Oh, and never mind that half of the human population was slammed, and our opinions dismissed for animal rights. (‘Animal rights’ must be the new catchphrase for ‘money’ or ‘my swollen ego.’) Thanks for the expensive toilet paper, but I think I’ll pass.

    ~ Sincerely,
    Another Vegan Feminist Bitch

  28. John Joseph says:

    @ Another Vegan Feminist Bitch – shucks. GO SEE a comedy, laugh a bit. Life is beautiful. Really. But hey, at least my expensive toilet paper is ‘GREEN’, its printed on recycled paper.

  29. Todd Irwin says:

    I just love Josh K’s take on the title and the book… Josh, i hope you don’t mind if i re-post. Here it is…

    “Growing up, I got called “Fag” “Pansy” “Pussy” “Homo”, you know, the typical things a geeky gay kid gets called. I knew I was not in the boys club, and they didn’t want me there.In fact, most of them wanted to hurt me.

    John didn’t invent the word “pussy”, but clearly, he is aware of the cultural significance of it. It’s the… See More hook. Speaking the word, and using the word does not make or break the reality of it’s impact on maleness. There is something to said for understanding and using the dialect of pop-culture to try and reach specific demographics. Is it puritanically and politically correct? Hell no. But that’s not what it’s here for.

    The majority of mainstream men in this culture will never pick up Animal Liberation or Capers, (or any book discussing any area of social justice, environmentalism, animal advocacy, etc). To hope this will happen is a travesty and an underestimation of homophobia and sexism. Most men are TERRIFIED of being percieved as existing outside of the incredibly limited and stunted male identity this society dictates.

    It’s like JuJutsu. Using an attacker’s energy against him. Using a word that preys on that very male-specific insecurity is strategic. The content of the book is not an anti-gay manifesto. In fact, it challenges the popular idea of masculinity in a way that is valid and important.

    For what it’s worth, I love the title of this book.”

    Josh, you are right on man.


  30. Mandi says:

    soo.. umm.. everyone realizes that “pussy” is slang for “wimp” right? And it is obviously used in that context in the book title? And all of your arguments are irrelevant?


  31. themessenger says:

    When Girliegirl reviewed the book “Cunt” nobody went crazy over it, and it seems that the reason was because that book was written by a woman. Does that makes it ok? Personally, I would think that is a much more offensive word to women.

    Does that make it fine when Africa Americans use the N word because hey, it’s their word?? Or Jew’s say kike, the Irish say mick, and so on and so on and so on.

    It’s just a word, and as Joshua K’s said, used here to appeal to the same men that use it in such derogatory ways in order to rope them in.

  32. Lex says:

    I’m a long time reader and fan of GGA and I felt the need to respond to this –

    Isn’t the entire point of feminism, or any type of activism, to question traditional discourse on controversial topics? Thus implying the desire to seek knowledge and truth, beyond the cover?

    It’s inherently hypocritical to judge John’s book because a single word is offensive – You would throw your whole weight into a word? Funny – that’s what they did back in the 15th century when someone kept a loaf of bread from the manor lord to feed their starving children or prayed to an unacceptable deity, and were then brutally executed or maimed in the name of “theft” or “treason”. The only ignorance here is those who ignore the bigger picture, and the exceptional findings in this book, to rally behind a single word, which, in context, (and to me, as a feminist historian) is not offensive.

    What’s offensive is how many people can still throw their weight behind words that were created to oppress, by the oppressor, thus validating the oppressor.

  33. Chelsea says:

    You can’t compare “Cunt” to “Meat is for Pussies.” The former is about feminism, and addresses how that word has been used in a derogatory way, while the latter is about calling meat-eaters weak by using a word that is often ascribed to the female genitalia. Not. The. Same. If the book “Meat is for Pussies” were about misogyny within the animal rights movement and how activists should avoid sexist campaign tactics, and integrate feminism into animal rights advocacy, then your argument might have more validity.

  34. themessenger says:

    Clearly you’ve read the book Cunt, because you actually know what it’s about. Can you say the same for Meat is for Pussies??

    I love how you’re all judging the book before you have read it. You can over intellectualize until you’re blue in the face, but once again, it is just a word, and the use of it in the title of this book will not hurt or solve your issues with people using the word pussy. All it will do is achieve its goal, get meat head men who frequently use that word as a derogatory phrase towards “weak” men to see the truth behind factory farming and the effect that meat and dairy has on our health and our planet.

    The real issue at hand is that this is a book that is trying to help SAVE LIVES of people and animals, including your own. I have read it, and I think before you scream chauvinism you should read it too.

  35. themessenger says:

    And to be honest, until society is truly exposed to just a few of the examples below and stop the torture and murdering of animals, I dont give a fuck what word anyone uses to help get the point across, and if you gave a rats ass about anything other then your rhetoric, neither would you.

    During a four-week investigation between April and May, MFA’s investigator documented farm workers:

    * Violently punching young calves in the face, body slamming them to the ground, and pulling and throwing them by their ears
    * Routinely using pitchforks to stab cows in the face, legs and stomach
    * Kicking downed cows (those too injured to stand) in the face and neck – abuse carried out and encouraged by the farm’s owner
    * Maliciously beating restrained cows in the face with crowbars – some attacks involving over 40 blows to the head
    * Twisting cows’ tails until the bones snapped
    * Punching cows’ udders
    * Bragging about stabbing, dragging, shooting, breaking bones, and beating cows and calves to death

  36. ALEX says:



  37. KrissyNYHC says:

    Alex, nothing from a doctor is free. I have been an RN for 12 years and a doctor will prescribe whatever medicine that the drug rep (who bought lunch that day) is handing out. John wrote the book to inform people of what big business and your food are doing to you. Don’t include your opinion of Harley in the same sentence, this has nothing to do with the book John titled. I applaud John for having the balls to continue the revolution. In ten years when everyone scratches their heads and wonder why Monsanto owns every seed company and you can only buy genetically modified fruits and veggies. Or in 20 years when women start having more autistic children and obesity is 100%. If you read his first book, you will see he is not fronting or trying to be someone he is not. So Alex- there is no score keeper in life. If he is training for something or has already competed is really no interest to anyone. The guy is helping and if you don’t like the term “Meat is for Pussies” then put your big boy panties on and stop whining, go read your hunting magazine while you take your toxic dump. And btw, I am not ass kissing on John Joseph, we actually don’t agree on alot of stuff, but I do totally support his thoughts on veganism, getting healthy and educating the sheeple. Meat is for Pussies, yeah, I support the title.

  38. If you ask me, the title is perfect. Often, men who are vegetarian or vegan are called pussies and told to eat like a man. As a matter of fact, my guy gets made fun of all the time for this when he goes pretty much anywhere where there are a lot of men hanging out. It gets to the point where he avoids talking about food at all, because it is exhausting for him to constantly defend himself every time he refuses a cheeseburger.

    So entitling the book “Meat is for Pussies” is like turning the tables on people who use this method of sexist thought every day to unfairly ridicule people who have made responsible choices. It is for men to be able to say “I am a real man, because I know how to make a healthy, compassionate choice despite all of the bullshit I will have to endure socially”. In my opinion, the author is actually making the point that it is ridiculous to use the term “pussy” to describe anyone at all. He is laughing in the face of those who try to make others feel lesser than them, simply because they are different.

  39. Brenda Kato says:

    I knew some people out there would not be able to get past the language used to the information provided in this book, but it is not written for them. These same people don’t watch Family Guy, South Park or know who the Cro-Mags are. There are other books written for politically correct and religious people.

    Meat Is For Pussies is an AWESOME, very well put together book that will reach and help millions. John Joseph speaks of his life experience and conversion to a vegan lifestyle. Who are you to judge the way he speaks? He grew up on the streets of New York and to edit his voice to make the PC crowd happy would remove the very thing that makes this book real.

    Preaching to the choir does not help our cause expand. We have to do more to reach people in all sectors of our society.

  40. Todd Irwin says:

    Right on Jessica, well said. You make some great points. Especially the ones about turning the tables on people and being tired of the harassment that comes along with refusing cheeseburgers. But also, i think John is just being himself, and he relates to these people really well, speaks their language. Hell, i think he created a lot of the language. Seriously.

  41. Jenith says:

    I will not repeat what has been said already in supporting the title. I will say- The title is BRILLIANT!! Controversy = press goldmine! A welcome shrewd approach to getting the vegan/health/enviro message out to a specific population… even though the book is for everyone.

    Congrats on getting the message out there John J!

  42. John Joseph says:

    Alex, thnx for all your positive words, hope you work out that anger issue and stop pressing the CAPS BUTTON…. for the record I never said I did an Ironman…. I say, and have said in every interview and in the book, that, “I am training for an Ironman.” Every day as a matter of fact, and I’m racing in 2011. Hope that clears it up. But if youd like to comment with that tone face to face…. im very easy to track down. Make and appointment.

  43. The author of the book has clearly demonstrated that it’s easy to be pro animal rights, vegan, *and* sexist.

    As a male-identified vegan, I can imagine what he’s getting at, and I can certainly understand the word choice in trying to sell books/get the word out. That being said, the word only has meaning because it uses a perception of women’s weakness as its premise. Use the word if you will, but own the meaning, too.

    I would love to read a book about these issues, but don’t feel like supporting someone who uses misogyny to promote health and animal welfare. Totally a missed opportunity.

  44. jenni says:

    love it! i hear so many people say veganism is an elitist movement for bleeding heart feminists. so stoked to have a book that reaches “dudes.”

  45. dee says:

    I think the whole idea of becoming a Vegan as a reaction to factory farming is laughable. It would be akin to not having children because you are saddened by the child labour in India.
    It is way to passive a stance.

    I hope you all that feel so passionately about it are channeling your energies into other areas as well. Just being Vegan and adopting the holier than thou stance most Vegans have is doing a lot of nothing.

  46. Dan says:

    Read the book and let the views in the book change your opinion or cause a thought within your head.

  47. meat is for me,im not a pussie

  48. Frank says:

    I hope to get hold of this book as soon as possible.
    I am a meat eater and I am curious to find out what John J. will teach me here!

  49. Steven DiLodovico says:

    I think most of these commentors are completely missing the point. Don’t get bogged down in semantics, language is nothing. it’s a person’s actions and intent that count. I am a meat-eater, I totally respect Mr. Joeseph’s stance, including his choice of terminology.

  50. MC says:

    John has opened the eyes of alot of people whom otherwise would not have likely been at access to some of the knowledge that he soo kindly shares is his book. This is a POSITIVE thing for a healthier, less stressful, more active life. The world needs more people like him trying to reach people of all cultures to try and take control of their lives rather than letting it be dictated by an industry. This is a life and death matter not a “politically correct” matter. For those who want to focus on words and their ego, my advice is to work on yourself with an honest open mind and stay positve.

  51. Denise Brauer says:

    I would like to say one thing about John Joseph and this book. He presents vital information in a way that captures the attention and respect of people who would have never paid any attention to this subject matter before. I have learned ALOT from John Joseph and respect him for what he is trying to do. Educating the general public on how to obtain a healthier lifestyle= important. Hemming and hawing and finding fault with the words used to deliver that message = ridiculous.

  52. SamHaiNe says:

    If anyone is hung up on the usage of words in the title then they are missing out on the great insight and knowledge that exists inside the actual text of the book.

    John Joseph has a unique ability to convert useful facts about healthy living and scientific facts with spiritual knowledge directly too the common man or profane. He does this without dumbing it down.

    This book is not a form of subterfuge it is a realistic perspective and strategy too healing your body in a time when people would rather eat/kill themselves.

  53. John Joseph says:

    Dee: None of my friends who happen to be vegan have that attitude, so don’t lump the few jerks who are V-s and adopt that attitude with the rest. I feel passionate about many issues, animal rights is one of the major ones though. We should be kind & compassionate to all living entities. Just for the record though, it’s not just factory farming, its ALL killing of animals even the so-called compassionate killing of grass fed and free range. ITS ALL MURDER.

  54. themessenger says:

    How can you say “becoming a Vegan as a reaction to factory farming is laughable”? Being exposed to the horrors of factory farming is EXACTLY why I decided to stop consuming and purchasing animal products. And I promise you I am not the run of the mill, mr. sensitive guy who you may think is the average vegan man.

    The reality of the food industry and factory farming is atrocious, and your statement is not only small minded but sad that you’re so jaded that you think people can’t change their lifestyle based on that alone. Passive my ass.

  55. I’m in Barnes and Noble, looking for the re-released version of John Joseph’s book, “Meat is for Men Who Are Afraid of Their Manhood Being Called Into Question So They Adhere to Social Norms and Eat Whatever Is Considered Manly,” and I can’t find it anywhere!?!

  56. Bob McCormick says:

    Well everyone has heard the age old saying, “You Can’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover”. Where is the title of the book on the cover right? It’s freedom of speech in this great country; we all have the right to write what ever we want. We also reserve the right to call the material anything we want; so to all of you that are offended it’s your right to be. To John Joseph good for you brother;you seem to have come a long way on your journey. I still have to finish the first book; what I’ve read I liked so far.
    An old of friend of mine used to tell me stories about you like twenty years ago. I guess he used to hang out with all of around the same time the Cro-Mags did their first run. “Age of Quarrel” is one of the best Hardcore albums ever recorded and will always be one of my all time favorites. So much knowledge about the quest we are all on stay positive my friends.

  57. John Joseph says:

    @ Regal Vegan…… HOLY SHIT that’s brilliant, look for the re-title on the second pressing. Don’t worry i will credit you… ; P

  58. lady wawa says:

    Anyone that is offended by this, is seriously out of their mind, sorry . You’re seriously getting offended by the term pussies ? When someone says “their acting like dicks” I dont get offended in the least bit , I dont give a fuck.. Oh wait, is fuck offensive to feminists as well ? Is that degrading your female parts as well ? John is a great guy, and anyone thats offended by the title has too much free time on their hands, and are just looking for something to debate over. Get over yourselves .

  59. LAS says:

    Yo, some of you are tripping way too much. Did any of you read the book or just the title? I have found a new passion for an idea I lost over the years. Not only has this book inspired me to take better care of myself but also find the love in all living things. ps. My wife is reading the book now. Sunday when we went out to dinner I was thinking about ordering a burger. She told me “Dont be a pussy.”

  60. Erin says:

    This is an important message and an attention-getting, conversation-provoking title is very much in order. John’s also talking specifically to an audience who has been left out of the discussion. Meathead guys. He’s really the only guy that could do the job and I’m so glad he did. The title isn’t offensive, the lifestyle he’s exposing is.

  61. Ciara says:

    If this opens ANYONE’s mind to veganism, it’s a success in my mind.

  62. Josh says:

    I’ve been straight edge for 36 years, but never considered being vegiterian before. I finished reading this book 11 days ago and that was the last time I ate meat. I can’t say that I’m eating an all organic or vegan diet but I’m working on it.

    huge thanks to John Cro-Mag!!

  63. BRAIN says:

    my man, continuing to evolve… it’s inspiring. i’m gonna buy the book tho’ i am not a vegan/vegetarian. it’s about respect & support. john is doing what i aspire to. becoming a better him. and leaving behind crumbs for us to follow. we may not do it the same way, but, nuff respect & big up to him for contributing to our world in a challenging, creative & positive way.

    re: being a pussy, well, i am what i eat!!! ha!!! ya’ll gotta relax. it wasn’t/isn’t meant in the pejorative. it’s colloquial.

    congrats my dude!

  64. Greg Leo says:

    I don’t have any issue with the book title, but then again i don’t have a pussy. I wouldn’t have cared if it were meat is soooo gay, and that is coming from a gay man. The point gets made loud and clear. The book is simply informative and written in a way that gets e message out.
    I would also like to say that i am a vegan. I am an endurance athlete and have a very balanced diet.
    9 marathons, 1 50 k, 1 50 miler, 4 olympic triathlons, 1 1/2 ironman, 1 full all ironman all in one year, while being vegan; i would say it worked out just fine.

  65. elaine says:

    I haven’t read the book yet, so I of course cannot say what I think about it. I do plan to read it.

    I did mention it in a blog (my most recent one, “Prejudiced Reviews”). Like so many vegan books, it appears that it has only been reviewed by other vegans. (Has it been reviewed elsewhere? I haven’t found reviews in non-vegan places.)

    It concerns me when people who are already committed to a lifestyle or point of view are the ones who review the books that promote said lifestyle or point of view. It’s like people (meat eaters included!) who only consult the data that support the view they already espouse. Problematic in a MAJOR way!

    The title turns me off. Clearly I’m not alone. The title of Skinny Bitch turned me off too (though that’s the book that made me start exploring veganism).

    For the record, I think one can never go wrong by being polite. Use of words like pussy, bitch, assholes etc. are RUDE and denigrating. It’s not about saying it like it is (lots of people in the vegan movement appear to use this excuse for their foul language).

    You can never please everybody, and I realize WHY Joseph chose the title he did. But there are a whole lot of people who will continue to ignore veganism if its major proponents are a bunch of alternative, foul-mouthed people who are absolutely sure that they have TRUTH on their side.

    Just sayin’.

    Peace to all. :)

  66. Niranjana says:

    I ordered the book and the t-shirt today. I love the shock value of the title and I think John Joseph can get away with it because he stands behind his shit and has been practicing this lifestyle for many years. I’m looking forward to reading the book.

    I used to make fun of vegetarians then my guru opened my eyes and I started practicing vegetarianism. Many of the great sages of India have strong comments on meat eating, a couple that are always in the forefront of my mind are Swami Lakshmanjoo who has said it’s a great sin to even associate with meat eaters and Shrila Prabhupada has said that America is plagued with war and violence because we openly accept murder through hunting and slaughter houses.

    My sadhana has been like a rocket ship since I gave up meat eating.

    I’m not vegan. I consume dairy, though I refrain from any other animal products including soap and toothpaste, etc.

    Maybe “Meat Is For Pussies” will convince me to try veganism. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  67. Erin says:

    One more thing. We’re commenting on a blog that appropriates the word “army,” and nobody’s offended.
    The word “army,” with all its connotations, seems significantly more inflammatory than “pussy.” That said, I see no reason to attack either author for their choice of words.

  68. Melissa Brooklyn says:

    Harp on the title and avoid the message beyond the cover. Sounds like a productive approach to the vegan movement.

    Words have intended meanings but over time those meanings change. The word “cool” was intended to describe temperature and is now used to describe when something is great. Should meteorologists be up in arms that people are degrading their profession? Yes, I realize this is a ridiculous argument as is the one over the word “pussy”. Words are colloquial. Meanings change. Times change. Move with the times. Personally, I don’t let any words overpower me.

    Love it or hate, we are all talking about it so the title got the job done.

  69. Jan Hofmann says:

    A lot has been said already, so I`m trying to keep this short. For those who want to get into semantics:

    a) That the title is not referring to the female body part itself is obvious to any reader with half a brain.
    b) “Of course it`s not”, others say, “but it`s a derogatory term used to belittle supposedly ‘weak’ men by ascribing sexist stereotypes (e.g. all women being weak) to them. Thus it`s not right to use it!”

    In contrast to the ludicrous first argument, the second one *appears* to hold some value. Yes, “pussy” is a derogatory term for “wimps” – as someone put it above. So one could say, that`s double bad, because not only does it imply women are inferior due to being weak, but men who aren`t “hard” or “tough” are to be looked down upon as well.

    The real question however is, does John use the word this way as well? As far as I understand he does not. He just turns the table on your regular macho-clichees and plays with pre-conceived ideas the average Joe has of guys following a vegetarian / vegan diet. Thus the title completely turns the stereotype of vegetarians / vegans being perceived as “not-manly” on its head. A look *into* the book would clear all this up. Has none of you ever heard of “parody” – same form, different content and stuff? You should look it up some time.

  70. Melissa Brooklyn says:

    @Dee: You are as powerful as your wallet. By adopting a vegan lifestyle you are making a choice; every day, minimum 3x/day to say “FUCK FACTORY FARMING”, “FUCK THE ABUSE OF ANIMALS”.

    By making conscious choices as to where I spend my money I help to support companies that I feel are making positive impacts on society, environment, etc. I don’t buy NIKE. I don’t eat at steakhouses.

    People think one person doesn’t make a difference. What about 100? What about 1000? If a thousand people stopped going to the local steakhouse, do you think that would have an impact?

    Use your head.

  71. Vegan Monkey says:

    Staci has got some serious issues. Is a word girl and it’s a body part. You’re taking the word pussy as meaning women. Get over it and play with your pussy for a while. You’ll feel better.

  72. Vegan Monkey says:

    Dee and The Real Vegan should get together. They can write a book called Misunderstanding and not reading is for Assholes.

  73. Josh says:

    @ Staci- STFU. You’re looking for something to be offended about when you should be focusing on YOU. Don’t expend so much energy getting pissed off at nothing, when there’s plenty of ‘somethings’ to be pissed about.

  74. Marc says:

    not every women is a pussy! please read the book and find out the true meaning of the title! and don ´t take the title too serious without reading the book. and staci, calling someone who you obviously don ´t know a “jerk” doesn ´t make you any better. don ´t point your finger on someone else if your hand is not clean! ;)

  75. Vegan says:

    The author is illiterate.

  76. Francesca says:

    Elaine- what do you mean by alternative? Are you talking about punks and people with tattoos and piercings? I’ve heard that argument before- that vegans should look “normal” so as to appeal to people. “Normal” almost always seems to be code for white, middle class and conservative in dress.

    Dee- I don’t see the comparison between not having children because you are upset about the way children are used as labour and being vegan because you find killing animals for our “benefit”?

    As far as language not mattering, it clearly does. John chose the title to be controversial. Whether you agree with his choice of title or not, it is simply ingenuous to say language doesn’t matter. If it really meant nothing he could have called the book ” Meat is for men who are so afraid …etc” .

  77. elaine says:

    Not meaning at all that people “should” look any particular way. Just meaning that if the most vocal proponents of ANY movement appear “alternative,” many people who need to hear the message will feel the movement isn’t “them”.

    I think pretty much everybody can “get” that — right?!

  78. Aaron says:

    I read John’s first book and it was great I look forward to reading his new book as well. I am not a vegan but I know that all the shit I put into my body if horrible for my health. Maybe his book will help me change my ways. Thanks John and stay true to what makes you “you”

  79. Betsy Carson says:

    Thank you John Joseph
    I like the the ironic title. And the pages inside are inspiring me.
    I’m here and queer but i am more concerned with the current treatment of animals than any other issue.
    John Joseph is reaching out to his audience to change for the better.
    I’m sure he doesn’t hate women, he is challenging men.

  80. etep mc nasty says:

    All I care to say is that I brought this book with me to court. While sitting in the prosecutor’s office, one of two cops sitting in the room glanced at the title and asked me what it was about. After giving them a quick summary, they told that it sounded interesting and then gave me props for being vegetarian. I can not say that these cops went out and bought the book or stopped eating meat, but the title def got their attention and open their minds a bit.

  81. Niranjan says:

    This is a book I was looking for! And this is the book I desperately need!! I have joined gym recently & everyone out there are talking about consuming eggs & meat for body building, & I’m totally sick of it! Since I’m from India, I will be ordering the book soon, can’t wait to get my hands on it! John Joseph is just amazing, & inspiring! Wondering if he had written something about this cool tattoos!

  82. Mike Federowski says:

    I’m still going to read John’s book even though I’m a meat eater…things may change you never know

  83. roger says:

    mission accomplished, john. nothing is better than a little shit disturbing. keep doing what youre doing.people are talking.

  84. dee says:

    @Melissa Brooklyn
    @Vegan Monkey

    I did not mean to say to keep on eating meat and ignore what is going on. My point is that just by going Vegan you are not going to educate anyone as to what is going on or put an end to it.

    You have to be proactive and actually get some results and by only adopting a meat free lifestyle, im sorry, that is not going to educate anyone or put a real dent in a steakhouse wallet.

    Also what is with the anger, hostility and name calling?

  85. Simone says:

    Hey the title gotcha talking right? and its getting attention, right? its put the thought of veganism into your minds, right? thats the point! love the title.

  86. Joseph Pattisall says:

    say what you want, but the truth of it is meat truely is for pussies. And by that I mean probably 1% (or less) of people who eat meat are willing to get their hands dirty and do their own killing. Our society would be majority vegetarian if we had to do our own slaughtering. It’s too easy to go buy some steak without the guilt of killing it yourself.

    I don’t know if John had that in mind when naming the book but the point of view I expressed has been on my mind for about 20 years.

  87. Veganluv says:

    Thank You John Joseph for enlightening so many people and being a strong voice for the animals! xo

  88. Eelco says:

    I support john all the fucking way , fuck all this pc crap it is not making the world a better place or something , some people allways wanna be against everything i guess.

    If you walk around all day looking 4 a reason to be offended you will rarely be disappointed (wayne dyer)
    Just keep up the good work educating the people .
    One Love.

  89. i guess some people have never heard this line before
    “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”
    if you are so fragile that words hurt you then you need to remain quiet in your hurt out of context PC(pussy correct)little world and let the real men and women have thier say with out your fragile damaged input,thanks

  90. Serge Kokos says:

    Good title for the book, the end justifies the means, so I’ll definitely read the book, I do not see it as attacking women or their body parts, it covers the load.
    Anyone can say about John Joseph what he wants, those who know him know better.

  91. george vansteen says:

    im ordering this book ive known John for years and i thank him for his insight and knowledge on the food industry and vegan lifestyle , im sure it will sell out fast

  92. Shelly says:

    Eh, at first I was offended, but now not so much. I HATE the term “pussy,” but I can’t help but think of the title as Meat(penis) is for pussies(vaginas). Now it makes me LOL.

  93. Bianca says:

    I’m glad that awareness has been brought to many issues here that are a reflection of the society that we live in, which we ALL contribute to in our own way with our own choices and actions every single day…

    Everyone has their own agendas, boundaries, perspectives etc that have been shaped by their experiences and processed via their own filters… people assign their own significance and meaning to things. For some the word ‘pussy’ will mean one thing and to another something different… take the word ‘fuck’ for example, here Staci uses it as in ‘fuck off’ should I be offended that she has taken a slang word that refers to the act of intercourse and used it in a negative sense?

    I believe that what is important is the action and the outcome from sharing such information that is in John’s book. John’s intentions are good. Fact: John’s book has made a positive difference in many people’s lives.

  94. Brick says:

    J.J’s First book has been one of my most amazing reads. Im ordering this one right now!

  95. Matt H. says:

    I can not read all posts and I am sure this has been covered already, but John’s intent was to be effective and make a point right away. Like most things we do or say in this modern era, the actual roots of something are not even known by those who do it or say it. In the context of this title, the word pussy is understood by most men to absolutely mean “weak” and nothing more. As a man, I can say that the literal female anatomy does not get pictured by me, and again that was not the intent. The title is to make men question the antiquated notion that you are a “pussy”, or dare I say it, a “little bitch” if you DON’T eat meat, right at first glance and get a reaction. Anyone that knows John knows he supports equality across the board, and fights to breakdown barriers.

  96. I do like Elaine’s point about getting some non-vegans to review the book. John, if you’re into it – your book can be like the pepsi challenge. Can you get some copies into the hands of dudes at your gym? Some die-hard meat eaters? I can think of a few dudes whose minds would BEND at the thought of meat being bad for their health/sexuality//manhood.

    P.S. Not eating meat should make you more civilized – and not angrier and more aggressive to fellow man. What gives people?

  97. I read the book in two days from its arrival in my mail box.. I have so much respect for John, as he as inspired me to change my life for the better; and immensely so! He is a great person, and a great friend. I heard rumors and saw comments on other pages about the title of this book and I knew there would be a whole slew of whiny “pussies” having a shit fit over it.. It is highly controversial for the name of a book, however those of you who have not opened it up, should at least check it out and give it a look through; instead of being a “pussy” about it. Keep on judging books by their covers! I’m sure all that processed name brand food looks great from the colorful wrappers that contain it.. Your ignorance to the truth will be your death..

  98. don stugots says:

    I agree with Mandi. I don’t think the title was meant to do anything but grab the attention of regular guys. Guys insult other guys by taking away their manhood, no better way to do that than to call a man a female body part. I will be reading this book. thanks for the suggestion Ella

  99. ivan "stitchy" white says:

    for those women who are offended by the “meat is for pussies” book….i would be more offended by::: commercials by KFC supporting breast cancer awareness,when their processed hormone,steriod,and chemical laden chicken is causing breast cancer…..
    makeup products for women that induce bad skin,cause skin cancer,and acne…..
    worst of all are birth control products that cause ovarian cancer,and early hysterectomies…..

  100. Hugh says:

    Looking at the title, it’s easy enough to figure out what John Joseph is referring to. The people who have a problem with the book’s title have made a misunderstanding. Before you criticise an author over his opinion and usage of words, make sure you know what his opinion is first.
    At the end of the day, it’s a word, there isn’t much point getting angry over a word that was intended to have different connotations to what they originally thought.

  101. Justin Hanlon says:

    I’m halfway through the book I’m a plescatarian so I do dairy and Fish, and Bloodclot’s got me on the fence. It was the title that drew me to the book… I’m in the USCG, so need to stay in shape because of the nature of my job…John’s writing style makes a convincing point!

  102. Dave Stein says:

    It is very easy to be a critic and much more difficult to be a creator. John hasn’t written a book targeted to those of us who are vegan but rather to those who aren’t. His title has people talking and remembering the title of the book. It’s gotten press for the book and cause and people who wouldn’t think of reading it (or writing about it) if it were titled “A Practical Guide to Veganism” have instead paid attention to it. As to the age old adage goes, don’t just a book by its cover (or in this case title). The book, just weeks old, has already impacted more people (and this world) and in a more meaningful way than those who have been harmed in a tangible way by the use of the word pussy in the title of this book. Would I give the book to my 11 year old niece? No, because it was not written for her. For my 21 year old brother who is in the Marines? He’ll have a copy handed to him next time I see him.

  103. Jon D. says:

    John Joseph has brought about more positive change by reaching people from every walk of life through his music and writing than almost anyone I can think of. That’s what matters most.

  104. John Joseph says:

    Amazing stuff: Today I had a NYC cab driver today who was hip to what’s going on with Monsanto’s & Big Pharma’s takeover of our food supply with Codex-Alimentarius, one of the many topics in the book. Gave him a flyer for the book and he said he was ordering it tonight. Follow the book on Twitter……

  105. alloyjane says:

    When I first saw the title of this book, I laughed out loud. Why? Because I totally knew what he was saying. What disturbs me is how people automatically associate the word “pussy” with female anatomy when faced with the title. If you can’t grasp the meaning of that particular word from within the CONTEXT of the title, then there’s something wrong with YOU. Not the title, book, or writer, but with you. Either you’ve trained yourself to find the negative in everything or you’re the kind who secretly dehumanizes women while pretending to be offended by misogynistic language.

    Honestly, the idea of a “girlie girl” is more offensive to me than the word “pussy” or even “cunt.” As if one woman can be more woman than another? But honestly, I don’t really give a shit seeing as there are more important things to think about, like the horrifying animal abuse in Ohio, the BP disaster, and how those two issues are related to the contents of this book. Here’s hoping MIFP continues to grab people’s attention. Cheers!

  106. jordy says:

    I am what they call a reluctant Vegan…let me tell you what the title means for me. I gave up meat for the simple fact it was killing me. I have Lupus and have heard that meat contributes(maybe not the meat but what is in it). After seeing my med bill for one month I decided to go Alkaline and meat free. I have kicked some heavy drugs and what I went through giving up this shit they feed us was mind blowing. So many times I felt as if I could eat the ass out of a dead cow…Now…the thought of putting it in my body…It took alot of strength to make these changes, especially being the only vegan in my house, to have the knowledge out there and still continue to poison yourself is weak. Deflect anyway you want to… It’s Pussy!!!!!! I hope no one else has to get sick to realize the only propaganda is on the shelfs in our local supermarket!!!!!!!!

  107. ThymeBomb says:

    FIRST of all I believe that CATS first coined the nicname “Pussies”. So shame on you for offending all the cats in the world.

    Secondly-he did not use the word “CUNTS”.So can we untie the knots from our vagina-hugging panties?

  108. Eric Nies says:

    My Brother John.I say that with all Love. So your book has just come out and the reason you titled your book this way was to get people talking. So, congratulations on that as I read all of this TALK. I would like to thank you for your courage and willingness to devote so much of your time to help other people and our fellow earthlings the Animals. You are a Warrior of the Light John and I would like to acknowledge that. I spend a lot of my time training in classes full of women and not to many Men. (YOGA) The Men in this world need to recognize that they need to tap into there feminine side and start coming from the HEART. We need more compassion if we want to heal Mother Earth and set a good example for our children in the future. The reality of all this is that it is a reality. God allowed your book to become a reality. It’s not that things are Good or Bad in life it’s what we choose to do with it that counts. IT’S ALL ABOUT CHOICES!!!! TO ALL THE ANGRY PEOPLE OUT THERE COMMENTING. Try to find it in your heart to LOVE John for all the Love he has put into this book to help people. His intention is LOVE. Do you not see that? And if you don’t, take the time to get to know John before you judge him or the title of his book. And please keeping talking about it because that’s the only way the MEN in the world will know it exist. God is Love and Love never fails. It’s time to WAKE up people to the TRUTH. Accept people for who they are and live by example for judgement is left to OUR Grandfather “The Great Spirit” Peace and Love my Brothers and Sisters Eric Nies Co-Founder Planet Nice

    “I AM the journey that has no end within the space between”

  109. larry says:

    Here is a good video on meat:

  110. sarah e says:

    check out carol J adams’ book The Sexual Politics of Meat to understand why this book is problematic.

  111. […] ***The GirlieGirl Army*** » Blog Archive » The Most Controversial … […]

  112. Evita says:

    Title or no title – there is indeed a bigger picture here and I am glad to see that many are bringing the bigger issues to light.

    Until we all who are trying to make the world a better place don’t stop “fighting” amongst each other over little details, we will get nowhere. And we don’t have time. The animals are dying, the planet is dying …just to name two huge and timely things.

    So bottom line, John thank you for releasing this – I have not read it yet, but look forward to doing so. And most importantly I really like how you just plainly said in a comment above that it is murder to be killing all these beings. Simple as that, and I think the time has come when enough of us have awakened to stop the madness and stop discriminating against species the way we do – plus get healthier at the same time…win-win situation :)

  113. catherine edwards says:

    I think it is a fantastic title…this is a term and word used everyday, not offended in the least, and gets guys to wake up about their options and remain masculine in a true authentic way!

  114. Greg says:

    JOHN JOSEPH IS AN ANTI-ISRAEL, ANTI-JEW ANTI SEMITE!! In the last year he and his girlfriend have made scarily anti Jewish comments on their facebook pages. We have unfollowed them as have a great many in the vegan community. SHAME ON HIM! Only a dumb American who has never been to Israel shit talks a nation he knows nothing about. He’s pathetic.

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