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The World’s Best Lunchboxes

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Take it from this Mom of three, we’ve been through our share of lunchboxes. We’ve finally hit the holy grail of lunchboxes – meet PlanetBox. These lunchboxes made my kids start to finally really eat their lunches. So even if they were full of chemicals, ugly, and didn’t last.. I may have still considered buying them. Lucky for us they are eco-friendly, beautiful, and built to last forever! PlanetBox lunchboxes are stainless steel with compartments that make packing lunch so much easier and prettier. They’ve also been made famous by Weelicious’s Catherine McCord’s daily shots of her kids incredible lunches on Instagram.

PlanetBox lunches create a whole lot less trash, which should help you sleep better knowing you’re doing your part to help the planet for future generations – meaning you never need to buy another baggy or plastic wrap again.  These boxes are non-toxic, non-leaching, safe from BPA, phthalates, and lead.

But they are pricey. Why should you pay this much for a lunchbox? Because it’s cheaper to buy food in bulk and pack your own meal. Because your health is worth it. And because it’s an investment your family will use every single day for many years to come – over its lifetime, it will pay off in spades.

Forget to pack some veggies? The empty compartment will remind you. Concerned about overeating? That won’t happen – PlanetBox is designed to hold sensible portions.

It’s also dishwasher safe, the stainless steel doesn’t retain yucky food odors or stains like those unfortunate plastic containers do. Whether s/he’s a rock star, a paleontologist, or a flower child, the front of the box gets a magnet set. And when they decide to become an astronaut or fairy lover next year, just change your magnets and you’ve got a fresh new lunchbox to suit his or her style. They come with (or you can purchase additionally) specially made bags that hold the stainless steel box and have compartments for cutlery, sippy cups, and napkins – in numerous different colors and patterns. They also come with little stainless steel containers for messier items like pasta or parfaits.

It’s not just for kids either, if you go to an office and bring lunch – this will be a game-changer for you. It’s something indescribably perfect that makes me happy every day. Two giant Mom thumbs up!

Learn more on their youtube tutorial:

Rover PlanetBox Lunch Box, $49.95

Rover PlanetBox Lunch Box, $49.95

Nebula Carry Bag with Rover and Magnets

Nebula Carry Bag with Rover and Magnets


Buy them on their site or on amazon

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