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The Warmest And Cutest Vegan Hats Ever

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If you don’t buy wool for the itch factor or the cruelty innate in mass wool production, you are familiar with the struggle to find a good winter hat that isn’t cheap looking, not particularly warm, or (worst of all) ugly. Enter The Heat Holders Hat: featuring supreme comfort and unbeatable warmth, these hats (available in  7 great colors) are just big enough – not too slouchy and not too snug and beany like. They are like wearing a soft robe on your head, without looking like you’ve stepped straight out of Grey Gardens. The HeatWeaver insulation is a plush fur-like thermal lining that maximizes the amount of warm air held close to the head. And the price is right – $15! It makes for a great last minute stocking stuffer. One things for sure, if it ever finally gets cold this winter, we are gonna have some warm noggins.

Heat Holders generally specializes in winter wear like thermals and socks (their thermal sock is proven to be seven times warmer than the average cotton sock!) so we are thrilled they’ve expanded the range to cruelty-free hats and gloves! The specially developed non-wool yarns are high performance insulation while allowing superior moisture breathing. Our gripe: the little label. If you don’t like it (we don’t) turn the hat to the back so the label is in the back of the hat or cut it off with a tiny scissor. Problemo solved! Also the pix provided for press don’t show how cute they really look in person. They are far better looking in person than this pic below. And they come in men’s and women’s.

Heat Holders Hat, $15.99

Heat Holders Hat, $15.99

You can buy them at or if you’re in a rush, on Amazon.

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