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The First Package Free And Bulk Food Store Opens In Brooklyn

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Bushwick’s Precycle aims to address the growing problem of plastic pollution by empowering customers to reduce food and packaging waste by making different (but convenient) choices while shopping. A hybrid between a farmer’s market and an old school bulk shop, Precycle sells fresh local produce without packaging and bulk food, while also working with local farmers and distributors to dramatically reduce and eliminate plastic and other waste and was heavily inspired by the Zero Waste movement. This will be the first package free food store in New York and on the East Coast. More than simply bulk, Precycle sells fresh local produce without packaging. Some things to note are that customers buy exactly the amount they need (and nothing extra) – a concept that is impossible in a prepackaged format. This will help customers reduce or eliminate food waste.

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As they value transparency, customers will know exactly where their food comes from. Their suppliers work directly with farmers in North East region of the United States and the food will not travel more than 250 miles before it reaches our customers. And finally, you pay for the product and not packaging. In regular grocery stores, 8 cents of every dollar customer pays for – is packaging cost – hence 8% of your shopping basket goes into the trash immediately.  They will also have a herb garden in store, are selling fresh baked bread and treats from L’imprimerie, and will be selling bulk household and beauty products!

Precycle is the first zero waste food store in Brooklyn

Precycle is the first zero waste food store in Brooklyn

This is how it works:
STEP 1: Bring your own clean container or purchase a reusable option available in the store.
STEP 2: If the container of your choice does not indicate its tare weight, we will weigh it for you!
STEP 3: Fill the container with one of our many products of your choice. (Including beauty and household items.)
STEP 4: Bring it to the check out counter to be weighed again. The tare weight will be deducted, so you will pay only for the food you have chosen.
STEP 5: Bring your food home, and most importantly enjoy the food and the lack of excessive disposable packaging!
STEP 6: Repeat and bring a friend!

Get involved by backing their kickstarter and getting righteous rewards to go shop!;

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