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The Finest Vegan Men’s Shoes In The World

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Joshua Katcher started his vegan men’s style blog The Discerning Brute a decade ago, and soon expanded it into a full men’s style company called Brave Gentlemen – including a chic store, and line of bespoke suits, shoes, and so much more. He wants to share a little news with GGA on this fine Sunday, as we continue our holiday shopping on a small business Sunday;

GirlieGirl Army Friends,

Are you searching for what to buy that special masculine someone? I’ve got you covered!

We are starting with just two styles for this new signature collection, with plans to expand it. I’ve named the first two shoes The Envoy and The Operative. They’re the finest vegan men’s shoe in the world, and I firmly stand behind that claim.

Because of the quality, craftsmanship and all the extra features like Blake Rapid welting, flush toe and heel taps, a hand-layered and carved natural rubber outsole, hand patina detailing, and uppers made from supple, durable, hi-tech Italian microfiber that I call future-leather, the shoes are entering a tier of the market not typically treaded-upon by vegan shoes. These are definitely for the more aspirational shopper. Oh, and they are sure to be a completely classy complement to men’s pinstripe suits or even other suits that the men in your life like to sport. In fact, they’d make a perfect ‘pair’!

Symbolically, this signature collection is important! We can create aspiration and desire with ethical fashion. It shows that even the finest shoes can be made vegan and cruelty-free, and that the future of footwear still requires the seasoned hands of master craftsmen. The artisan cobblers we are working with in Brazil make shoes for some of the top luxury brands, and they are very excited about these vegan materials.

Now the favor. Would you consider either pre-ordering a pair, or sharing them with someone who might? Without pre-orders, items like this from small brands like mine can’t ever make it out into the world to show influencers and powerful individuals that there is an ethical option that does not compromise quality, aesthetics or performance. Those who might typically buy a luxury leather shoe for anything from Wall Street to Capitol Hill to the red carpet would be thrilled with these.

Thank you so much for support!

For more details and images, click here.

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