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Vegan Holiday Dresses

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Finding holiday dresses without a smattering of fur, wool, silk, or leather can sometimes be a challenge. Not with GirlieGirl Army on your side. We will have you looking hotter than a Field Roast en croute straight from the oven if you follow our thanksliving suggestions;

Vaute Couture never shows a single thing compassionistas can’t wear, and this red satin heart dress is no different! In vegan Satin, so gorgeous and luxe, but made of 100% recycled fibers. (No silk!) Designer Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart tells us; “I designed this dress as an ode to my inspiration for our FW13 New York Fashion Week Collection: Sailor Moon. It’s the story of an Earth girl who finds her strengths after saving a kitten from abuse on the street, and it’s one that inspires me to find mine by speaking out for others who can’t speak for themselves. In our efforts to stand up for others, I think we find our best selves. xoxo Leanne (That’s me wearing it!) “

Heart Dress In Satin-Red, $198

Heart Dress In Satin-Red, $198

Amy Matto is a new designer on our radar. Why she’s green-ish? She offers numerous silk-free evening options, her pieces are all made in the USA (a rarity!) and this is a woman/Mama-owned business!

Loving these sparkly separates (you can’t see the pretty bronze sequins) which are fierce together, and lovely apart.

Faye top, $274 &  Cheri skirt, $249

Faye top, $274 & Cheri skirt, $249

Matto is offering some fantastic holiday incentives for GGA readers! 50% off on both Cyber Monday and Black Friday with the following code;

Black Friday Sale

Dalia McPhee has been a favorite of ours for a long time, Dalia is a green glamazon who even notes her dresses as V for vegan (almost all of them are!) on her website.

Here are our current faves from Dalia, all available in a store near you.

And here’s the clincher – almost all of her gorgeous gowns are under $200!


Kaight Shop is an eco boutique, unfortunately we have a near-impossible time finding non-wool/silk/leather options there lately, which is why we were thrilled to have discovered designer Daniel Silverstein who employs the concept of zero fabric waste design, on the Kaight racks. Silverstein creates fashion forward clothes without wasting fabric. Daniel challenges the industry paradigm of reckless waste to one of considerate design. This dress is so chic and uses mesh and cupro to make a statement — rather than boiled worms. Ew.

Soul Lonika Dress / DANIEL SILVERSTEIN, $450

Soul Lonika Dress / DANIEL SILVERSTEIN, $450

Now is the time to show a bit of skin, why not a touch of back? Etsy is a treasure trove of handmade gowns and dresses that won’t break your ethics.

Black Backless Full Length Gown, $195

Black Backless Full Length Gown, $195

Should you have 5k laying about ready to buy your holiday dress, Stella McCartney will leave you looking nothing but chanukah gorgeous.

Stella McCartney Lace-paneled stretch-crepe dress, $5,765

Stella McCartney
Lace-paneled stretch-crepe dress,

Some evenings call for a more work-to-party simplicity. When that beckons, this LBD calls. TU&TU is an Italian eco-fashion brand: ethical, sustainable and animal-friendly. All garments are made in Italy using organic and eco-friendly fabrics, with full respect for the environment, people and animals.

Tu&Tu, $220

Tu&Tu, $220

Another LBD from eco-line Feral Childe that has a lovely 20’s vibe;

Deck Dress, $254.00

Deck Dress, $254.00

Eco Conscious Suggestions For Holiday Wear:

  • Hit up vintage stores — now is the time to buy those glitzy cocktail dresses on the half off rack.
  • Have a dream favorite designer? Alaia? Temperely? Search ebay for older seasons – people are more likely to clear their closets for holiday to make bank for gifts. Now is the time to take advantage.
  • Borrow! Ask a friend if you can browse her cocktail dresses – just be sure to have manners and be sure to eco-dry clean it prior to returning, and keep in mind if you break it – you buy it.
  • H&M’s conscious collection is cheap. If you aren’t ethically opposed to fast fashion, nearly all of it is vegan-friendly.



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