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Elizabeth Taylor: Fur Hag Or Hero?

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While Hollywood, the media, and publications all over the world laud Elizabeth Taylor as a hero and angel philanthropist, Carole Raphaelle Davis (via her dog, Jinky) questions the true impact the violet eyed vixen left on the world.  Even here at GGA, we were quick to send out a RIP tweet (GirlieGirlArmy “There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them. Elizabeth Taylor. RIP,”) before reading this post, entitled; “Elizabeth Taylor Dies, Leaving Hundreds of Dead Animals and Blood Diamonds in Closet.”  Oh yea, we thought.  She WAS a fur hag… a really bad one who flew her (purebred maltese) dogs first class while wearing the skins of countless of other animals who weren’t as lucky.  Even if you respect Taylor’s work for the LGBT community, it’s worth noting the harm she caused in other areas as the rest of the world deifies her blindly.

A Dog’s Rant About Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor was a great actress, I’ll give you that. And she raised a lot of money and awareness for victims of HIV AIDS. But, like the rest of us, she wasn’t perfect.  I know you’re supposed to revere celebrities, especially dead celebrities, but I’m a dog so I don’t roll like that. A dog doesn’t have to be politically correct. So I’m going to say it.  This old actress had an awful lot of dead animals in her closet. This movie star that everybody is crying about today owned more fur than the entire country of Tanzania. I looked at hundreds of pictures of her today and she looked like she really liked sweltering and posing with dead animals. There are a few pictures of her with little furry live animals, and they all look more like the property of the prop department at Paramount than her friends.

There are some pictures of her with a store-bought Maltese dog, but never the same dog! It’s like she would buy one for a “roll” down a red carpet and then, when the carpet ended, so did the dog. What happened to all those Maltese dogs? Didn’t they ever get get old? And, the few pictures of her with bunnies and puppies are way outnumbered by pictures of her draping dead animals over sequins, beads and gold lamé. Right up to the end, like at her last birthday party, there she was, wheeled into the spotlight, draped in two dead, white foxes. Ouch. You know, foxes are trapped and they lie there dying for days sometimes before they are skinned alive. “Hey, Liz! Thanks for bringing us to the after party!” I know a lot of people were dying to have their picture taken with Liz but way too many foxes, chinchillas, lynx, minks and coyotes literally died to get their picture taken with her.

And what about her obsession with diamonds? Liz Taylor had a lot of diamonds. Liz Taylor liked diamonds so much she named her perfume, Diamonds! Did she know how much blood has been shed for diamonds? Did she not know how many child laborers have had their hands chopped off for diamonds? That’s why they call them blood diamonds!

Blood diamond victim of child slave labor

Her favorite diamond, the 33 karat Krupp, had belonged to a guy whowas accused of war crimes against Jews during the holocaust. Richard Burton gave her that big, shiny, holocaust memorial-diamond and she seemed to think it looked really splashy with her dead foxes. Set against the fur, it sparkled like a million paparazzi bulbs.

"I'm so happy I have perfume and fingers!"

Almost everybody admires Liz for her fundraising for AIDS research and yeah, that’s cool to want sick people to get better. But from my point of view, a dog, I’m sorta wondering what kind of hell those pregnant monkeys were living in when the vivisectors from NIH were injecting them with the AIDS virus. Did Liz ever ask what happened to all those animals who were tortured for the medical research she was promoting? I don’t think so. I’m surprised she didn’t ask for their fur. A monkey’s coat wouldn’t even require that much “Liz Tailoring.” Hm….

And everybody is talking about how loyal she was. I’m a dog; I know loyal. It means sticking with one person through thick and thin. How could Liz be loyal to eight husbands? Sounds more like a home-wrecker to me. i I guess she was loyal to Michael Jackson. She stood by him and not his victims. She never wavered in supporting him instead of the children he molested.

“I’m not a monster! I’m NOT,” she yelled in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf. She won an Academy Award for that, but I think she was type-cast.

Written by Jinky, as told to Carole Raphaelle Davis. Carole Raphaelle Davis is the West Coast Director of the Companion Animal Protection Society.  You can read her blogs via Jinky at  She believes “If you save just one life, it is as if you saved the entire world.”

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Readers Comments (19)

  1. themessenger says:

    Great post and interesting perspective. I for one never cared for her and although I dont wish harm or death on anyone, someone who obviously had no regard for other life outside of her own doesnt earn any of my tears after their passing. I dont care what she contributed to HIV/AIDS research, considering all that money goes into injecting innocent monkeys with a death sentence.

  2. SG says:

    Oy, that IS a different perspective. You’re bold to write it so soon.

  3. elaine says: Another look at Elizabeth Taylor, from The American Prospect (a magazine of generally liberal leanings– mostly politics).

  4. Elaine, I read that article and disagree with the writer. An actress of the same era that we can really admire is Brigitte Bardot. While Liz Taylor was shopping for her never-ending collection of enormous diamonds and dead animal skins and breaking up other people’s marriages, Bardot was rescuing lobsters from restaurants in the 70s.

    Bardot was WAY ahead of her time, a brave woman. Who cares what the pope thinks, seriously. The pope made a pact with the Nazis, for Christ’s sake. The church’s opinion on anything is a joke.

  5. Kyle Svendsen says:

    Looove this article! She was a fur hag. Her ring could have saved at least 100 lives of African AIDS victims. Although I’m not sure about what it said about Michael Jackson. No one knows for sure that he molested children.

  6. Kyle,Thank you!
    It is my opinion as well as the opinion of the prosecuter and jurors in the case, that MJ molested children. I stand with the victims. No 45 year old man has business sharing a bed with a child like he did. And yes, the parents are also at fault.

    Liz considered him one of the “greatest men the world has ever known” and I believe that says a lot about her. She could have said that about Churchil, about Martin Luther King, lincoln, about Ghandi, about a number of great people who were heros but no, she revered MJ, who was no friend of animals and who paid a documented total of $34 million to shut two boys up in order to prevent them from testifying.

  7. Sunday Galiano-Porcelli says:

    What a wonderfully written article !!!!
    Thank you for some new and very much needed Information.
    Just because someone dies or they are a celebrity you cannot say anything bad about them? Bullshit !
    MJ was a CHILD MOLESTER and the sooner people accept it and get him off that “star” in the sky they have put him on maybe other children can be saved from men like him.
    Men That are also Manipulative to children and adults alike.
    And as far as Ms. Tyler,Hilton,Tod,Fisher,Burton, Burton, Fortensky and the other two. (not in order)
    No comment..She is paying for those rotten mistakes now with her BFF…MJ

  8. Saeran says:

    I absolutely adore this blog, and respect it’s gorgeous (inside and out) founder, Chloé Jo. I get a lot of much needed support here for my (let’s face it) non-mainstream views and choices. That said, there have been a couple of posts lately, this one included, that have kind of bummed me out. I know we all believe strongly in certain truths like wearing fur is gross and supporting the fur trade is wrong, and conflict-free diamonds (or better yet, moissanite!) are the only way to go, but I really believe that one will always get farther with kindness than with cruelty. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, and slinging insults and negativity creates an atmosphere of intolerance and an inability to further one’s goals of making the world a better place for animals, which is what most of us would like to accomplish. I’ve never understood how insulting and verbally abusing someone who disagrees with you will help you bring them around to your way of thinking; this just causes people to hold tighter to their beliefs and push you away–even vilify you, thus giving them a reason to not examine their own actions. We certainly shouldn’t ignore injustice or accept behavior we find unacceptable, but rather use these as motivation to find a way to make real change happen. I stand with the author on principal, but I would rather charm and disarm.

  9. Kathy says:

    Thank you, Saeran. I couldn’t have said it better. Compassion towards all, the human animal included.

  10. Chloe says:

    I really appreciate all perspectives shares here. Which is why I have reprinted the two controversial Jinky posts – to show the wide range of alternative opinions within our movement. We have always given equal play to abolitionists and welfarists, pro and anti choice perspectives, etc alike, as gga works to cover as much vegan perspective as possible. Although we may all generally believe the same things, we have wildly different opinions and I think it’s important to share that, lest the anti vegans say we are all brainwashed. I am proud of all opinions in our community.

  11. Candi says:

    I’m down with Fur, Diamonds and bad perfume. But I think it this time, this post is extremely crass & disrespectful. I look to GGA as the forefront for what’s what for my veg lifestyle, but to come and read this, makes me almost ashamed to admit I like this blog. This should be a time for people to remember Liz for her contributions to the world, not what she took from it. And a time to reflect on Japan, Patrick the dog from Newark and the coming seal hunt and how we can finally stop that.

  12. Chloé Jo says:

    Sorry to hear you feel that way, Candi. I didn’t write the piece, but I agree with most of it’s blunt honesty, even if it feels distasteful to come so soon after ET’s death. I stand by my choice to publish this article, and hope we can all celebrate our differences, including the difference between the folks who say it all and those who think it but don’t say it. It’s sort of like those of us who think you are only hurting animals by not saying something to a woman in fur on the street vs those of us who choose to not say anything. Some of us are aggressive and some of us believe quiet peacefulness is the way to go. This wouldn’t be a site for VEGANS if it didn’t cover all perspectives. I’m so grateful Carole/Jinky wrote this article.

  13. Jennie says:

    Definitely worth thinking about. For me, it doesn’t really matter if the article respects or disrespects ET life, what matters is that GGA offers us a chance to evaluate and reevaluate the way we think about the choices we and those around us make. How can we motivate ourselves and our peers to make HOLISTIC choices about addressing oppression? If our friend fights for LGBT rights, but choices to eat/dress/act unconsciously, we must help guide this person to see that everything we do is connected and there is no such thing as “choosing” a cause. To be in true solidarity with gay rights, environmental rights, poverty in Africa, MEANS to be in solidarity for all living rights, human and animal.

  14. Holly says:

    Whats with all the hate and bad vibes on this site lately? Vegan snobbery at its finest..

    I most certainly think that fur and diamonds are never acceptable to buy and wear. However I also think that the point of being vegan is showing COMPASSION and RESPECT for all of the creatures on this earth – humans and animals. Trashing someone immediately after their death (or EVER for that matter)is not compassionate.

  15. Kami Fasan says:

    TACKY! TACKY! TACKY! Shame on your for speaking ill of the dead so soon.

    This was posted too soon, way too soon. At least let her body settle into her grave before you start ripping her apart, your case would have been taken more seriously then.

    This site is getting worse every week. I agree with Holly above “Vegan snobbery at its finest”

  16. Disagree… but glad to have the input.
    Our hits are actually higher than ever, as is our membership. Sorry you gals didn’t appreciate the last two posts, we stand by publishing them.

  17. Megan Hansler says:

    @ Kami– I don’t know which part of your post I completely and utterly disagree with the most…

    GGA getting “worse every week” is just laughable.You should be GRATEFUL that you, as a vegan (and unfortunately being in the minority for your lifestyle), have amazing sites like this to go to for recipes, smart reading, beauty and fashion advice, networking, etc. It wasn’t always so easy (or chic) to be vegan!

    As for your offense to Ms. Taylor being “ripped apart” so soon after her death, well, it’s probably better than being skinned alive.

  18. Thank you MH! Appreciate your SISTERHOOD and insight. Thank you for reading!! :)))

  19. Sapphire says:

    Okay, it’s been over a year now,..

    I agree with this article. Although I am a fan of a lot of her films, I really hate how she lavished in dead animals. It’s weird that she loved fur so much considering as a child, Elizabeth was a huge animal lover. She would bring her many small pets to the sets of her movies.

    I don’t understand how one can truly love animals, yet drape themselves in the fur that was only meant for the animal it was torn from. The emmense cruely and horror should really turn them off from it for life. I just don’t get it…

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