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Your Epidermis is Showing: Chemical-Free Summer Beauty Tips!

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Our friend, longtime GirlieGirl Army Sgt and Beauty expert Allison Tray ofTres Belle Spa in Brooklyn, New York shares her tips for summer beauty with us. Why should you trust her?   Because we do – and cuz mad celebutantes be hittin’ her spot for everything from laser hair removal to eyelash extensions on the regular. Neighborhoodies can get some cuh-rayze deals on packages at Tres Belle if you are part of our Army.   Scroll to the bottom of this email to learn more.

Here are some of my tried and true cruelty-free tips for looking cool when it’s too hot to give a damn.

Your Epidermis is Showing:
Make your shower your own personal spa! After you are done brewing your favorite free-trade, organic coffee, dump the grinds into a baggie, add a splash of Grapeseed oil, your favorite essential oil and WHAM, you have an in shower body treatment that will slough away dull skin, stimulate blood flow and collagen and give you a lil’ kick in your organic booty shorts! Holla!   Don’t drink coffee?   No worries, use sugar or salt instead.

Pubes [and body hair in general]:
You spend way to much time thinking about your pubes. Get lasered already and be done with it. Laser hair removal will clear up all the bumps and break-outs caused by waxing and shaving and will remove your unwanted hair for good. Plus, your sessions are every 4-6 weeks so you aren”t constantly schlepping and calling for appointments! Get up in the morning and GO without ever having to think about your pubes, ‘stache or leg hair, like for real! Who wants to spend a gorgeous summer day running to get an itchy dirty wax or using a stinky toxic depilatory cream??! You’re smarter than that.   Boys, you aren’t free from this shout out – dump that back hair for good.   We promise you, s/he doesn’t find it hot.   Unless s/he is a bear chaser and you know what? We got nuthin’ but love.   But that’s a whole other blog topic.

Give Good Face, Rita:
It’s a-ok to go totes make-up free during the summer if you are feeling naturally beautiful. Especially if you have regular deep cleaning facials to pull all that sweat, dirt, and toxins outta your skin. Phloretin CF, under your sunscreen makes your skin look glowy and fresh. This miracle serum has been proven to help prevent skin cancer and protect skin from sun and environmental damage. We use it in all of our facials, along with customized botanicals.

Look into my “Raccoon” eyes:
Let’s face it, mascara is not our friend when it’s a bazillion degrees and 100% humidity. Getting a lash tint will give you dark lush lashes that will last all summer long; outta bed, outta the pool, outta the gym gorgeousness without raccoon eyes, flaking or smudgies!  Our lash Diva Yoshie was featured on Tyra doin’ lashes, book your appointment with Yoshie here.

Come on into Tres Belle for all your divalicious needs this summer!Tres Belle
105 Bond Street Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, NY. 11217, Tel: 917.763.6143 or 718.797.0033 Email:


  • Book an appointment with us for ANY or all of the following Laser Hair Removal packages and get 25% off when mentioning GirlieGirl Army: Bikini line or Brazilian,Under Arms, Full Legs, Back. Package must be paid in full on first visit.
  • Book an appointment for Lash Tinting and get a FREE Eyebrow Shaping or Eyebrow Tint when mentioning GirlieGirl Army!
  • Book an appointment for any facial and get a FREE travel size bottle of Phloretin CF when mentioning GirlieGirl Army!

A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM ALLISON: We are turning this special for our Girlie Girl Army posse, into a “benefit” of sorts for Chuck Pappas, a hero for the animals who is fighting for his life. Read this, for those who haven’t yet read about Chuck’s story. For every person who takes advantage of this amazing summer special, we will donate $15 to help Chuck Pappas. Not only will you be looking great at a discount, you will be helping your fellow Brother.

Now go enjoy the better weather, grab a cooler of Kombucha and a trashy mag, and go see my Sistren at Tres Belle!

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Allison Tray says:

    Thanks for giving me the ooportunity to give my tips and also to help Chuck! I LOVE you. xo

  2. Emily says:

    i love you too GGA! what do you recc. for sunblock? can you do a blog about sunscreen? xo

  3. xita says:

    Laser… doesn’t that cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and does it really last forever?

  4. Allison Tray says:

    Hi Xita,
    The cost depends on the area we are treating, but w a 25% discount the cost won’t be so bad. We are always willing to work w our clients, payment plans, etc. The results can be really amazing, I haven’t shaved my legs, pits or patootie in 3 years! If you consider how much you spend on waxing,how often you have to go and the fact that the hair comes back, it’s not too steep! C’mon in for a free consultation and let’s see what we can do for you Lady!

  5. Megan says:

    Or you could just go au natural and not worry about shaving at all. :P It’s free.

  6. Franni says:

    I totally agree with Emily!! I would also appreciate a blog post about vegan sunscreens. I know that there are some natural/organic ones that look vegan but once you read their ingredients, you’re like “WHAT?!” However, I know that there are vegan sunscreens that are natural/organic and work! So please do a blog post about vegan sunscreens!!! It would make my day ^-^
    Thank you!!!

  7. Fabulous achievement by the man for producing a product like hair removal.Already trying many methods but i fail.After searching your comment i think it is very beneficial for all.

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