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Will Food Waste Fuel Vegas? Environmental Entrepreneur Explains New Initiative To Bring Energy Independence To Las Vegas

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From the buffets to the five-star restaurants to the pubs and conventions… …food waste is just part of the business when you’re feeding 44 million tourists a year in Las Vegas. What a waste! But not anymore. Now, it’s possible to turn your leftovers into energy, which is good for the environment, and great for business.

Las Vegas has long been a shining example of economic growth driven by tourism and gambling. But do you know that this trendsetting destination has the potential to become The Greenest City in the United States? Always known for regenerating itself, building, tearing down, and building anew, Las Vegas is ready to make history again by fixing a large problem with a forward-thinking solution that benefits everyone…even the environment. The Vegas Valley is hungry for better solutions than composting or diverting leftovers to pig farms. So…what if that leftover food could be turned into water and power that could actually benefit the business owners, the community, and the environment? Well, the future is here. It’s called “Anaerobic Digestion” and it’s changing everything.

Rosalie Bingham is a fourth generation Nevadan on a quest to repair and regenerate the planet.  Bingham is the founder of, a Nevada nonprofit that finds, funds, and facilitates environmental projects with solution-based methods THAT MAKE ECONOMIC SENSE. Regener8tive’s latest project, “The Green Machine” is an initiative to bring energy independence to Las Vegas with alternative solutions to food waste.

How Does It Work?

“The Green Machine” brings you “Clean Organic” waste totes for disposal of your food waste and transport it to our anaerobic digestion tanks for processing. Microbes are added, and a motorized mixer and heat are utilized to increase gas formation. This inflates the dome with natural gases which is turned into: 1) compressed natural gas that can also be converted to electricity 2) water 3) fill dirt.

This new power is then pumped into the Nevada Energy Grid and available for use! The Nevada Energy Companies can then facilitate the energy exchange through a PPA Sleeve. This green energy will then be utilized for our large commercial vertical greenhouses that bring healthier food and big savings! The local bus systems can then purchase power for their local fleets. 

To re-cap: the food goes to the trash and goes into the anaerobic digester which is turned into power and water which goes to the greenhouses to grow food which will eventually become waste and end up in the AD. This is a form of a closed-loop system. Now is the time to help Las Vegas make history and become a more SELF-RELIANT, GREEN COMMUNITY in the desert!

Rosalie Bingham has gathering interest in funding, constructing and operating several proposed $10,000,000, one megawatt anaerobic digestion systems in Nevada. This system will enable Las Vegas businesses to profit from food waste for generations to come. We’re starting in Las Vegas because it has the largest landfill in the nation, but YOUR community can be next! Get involved and take action to create regenerative solutions that will benefit us all.

To donate, volunteer, or invest, please visit: Let’s help all communities become more self-reliant. Be a part of the solution. Let’s create tomorrow’s cities today!


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