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New Bill Designed to Protect Animal Abusers Draws Outrage

Published on February 25, 2013 by   ·   4 Comments Pin It

A bill aimed at punishing those who report animal cruelty has been introduced to the Illinois General Assembly. Sponsored by Republican Senator Chapin Rose, SB 1532 aims to punish people speaking out against animal abuse. The bill seeks to amend the Humane Care for Animals Act by allowing the Department of Agriculture to press criminal charges against a complainant if they “determine” that a complaint made under the act was made with intent to harass the person or entity in question.

As in the similar ag-gag and anti-camera drone bills being introduced in various states recently, the legislation would empower those who commit animal cruelty behind closed doors. Animal welfare groups have criticized the Department of Agriculture for protecting, supporting and promoting animal industries.

Illinois based animal protection group, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) is opposing the bill. SHARK president, Steve Hindi states, “This is an outrageous effort to silence those amongst us who have the courage to stand up to animal abusers and speak out about what they see.” He goes on to say, “The animal abusing industries are obviously running scared and are using political connections to hide their illegal activity.”

Currently five states, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Utah and North Dakota have ag-gag laws in place. This year New Hampshire, Wyoming, Indiana, Nebraska, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee have introduced whistleblower bills. Florida, Minnesota, and New York rejected similar bills last year. Montana and Virginia recently passed anti-camera drone legislation. With the exception of the Montana anti-camera drone bill, all the bills are designed to directly target and criminalize those involved in revealing animal abuse.

The SHARK video exposing Senator Chapin Rose;

SHARK is a US registered 501©(3) tax-deductible non-profit charity. SHARK’s mission is to nonviolently battle animal abuse whenever and wherever possible

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Dee Huston says:

    Beside turning our backs on helpless animals, allowing animal abuse only supports future sociopaths and child molesters develop.

  2. Janie Garza says:

    Funny, that’s basically another bill going against another bill that has already been made. Wasn’t it illegal to abuse animals? When is the government going to ever get it’s head and bills straight. They’re always having bills going against other bills. So why should this bill really matter? Making bills like these just lets activists like us know we’re fighting for the right things. When people illegally cover their tracks like Nixon’s plan to, you know there’s something is wrong! Sorry for the long comment but I’m so mad that such a bill has been made!

  3. Don says:

    CALL 217-607-1853 — Tell them you OPPOSE Republican (go figure) Senator Chapin Rose’s sponsorship of bill SB 1532. They are looking to legalize turning a blind eye to animal abuse! Be composed, be courteous, be firm and be in charge! Look at Rose’s website and he proudly lists the first item on his bio as “Illinois Farm Bureau Activator “Friend of Agriculture” Award Recipient – Each Term of Office”

    This reminds me of then-IL GOP candidate for governor Bill Brady’s sponsorship of mass euthanasia of cats and dogs – He LOST!

  4. scarlet says:

    Well I am happy that people will be punished whomake false claims against others as I have been a victim of people making lies up to cause problems.I have had the police called on me who found nothing wrong and animal control several times. Ive received hate mail been the subject of hate sites and there are no charges of animal.abuse against me because there has never been abuse from me. I have been put through hell after what people have done to me. Of course I have vet records and receipts of supplies for my animals. These people need to be punished! Especially for wasting the polive Depts. time!

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