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The Best Inventions That Never Happened

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My Dad sends the best forwards.  As in the tackiest, dumbest,oddest email forwards.  This one was extra dreamy (and by dreamy, I mean cheesy.) Who doesn’t have dreams of inventing the post-it note?  On one trip to Mexico, my husband “invented” the genius idea of a spray SPF booth, kind of like a spray tan booth – but for sunscreen. Brilliant, we surmised, because all the hotels would want to carry it and it could reach all the spots hard to get by yourself (ie. your back.)  As we spent the rest of the vacation wondering how on earth we’d spend our incoming fortune, numerous fledgling inventors had already filed a patent of the idea (or similar.)  Moral of the story?  Your brilliant idea has probably already been taken.  Find a way to do it better, then get it popping.  Or just stick with your day job.  Either way, here are some pretty cool inventions we’d consider buying if they came our way.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. themessenger says:

    I will take 2 of each. Love the drawers in the staircase.

  2. Kirsty says:

    I do love those stairs.

  3. […] The Best Inventions That Never Happened – (GirlieGirl Army) Some of these are funny… but we do love the shoe drawer built into the staircase! […]

  4. carlyjcais says:

    Mug with slot for cookies, sold by Uncommongoods.com

    Retractable “arm” for camera (called a unipod or a monopod) sold by B & H photo

    Tape measure belt – DIY it by gluing a tape measure over a belt

    Couples Umbrella – DIY it with the help of Instructables.com

    Nothing is impossible.

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