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How To Support Stay-At-Home Moms While Supporting Yourself

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Do you need a little help running your small business while running your household, but can’t afford a full time staff?  Duh.  That’s why we really loved this tip from our sisters over at;

If “spending money to make money” has never made sense to you, consider the return on investing in a virtual assistant.  Hiring someone who can handle your backlog of scheduling, research or administrative tasks, can free you up to maximize your income potential, whether you’re an entrepreneur or fully employed.

Here’s how it works:

Virtual assistants are legit—many are certified by the International Virtual Assistants Association—and the field is growing. VAs can be former accountants, administrative assistants, legal secretaries, designers and more.

  • They’re affordable. Rates start at $15, depending on the location of the VA (some are overseas) and your needs. You can also negotiate a flat fee for a project.
  • They’re trained to do what you can’t. Internet marketing, social media outreach, cold-calls, PR, bookkeeping—a VA can pave the way for growth in ways that you may have the time or skills to do.

Although you may want a generalist, someone who can handle a wide range of tasks, you can also hire a specialist, says Jeannine Clontz, president of the IVAA, noting that you can search for specific skills on their website. “You want to make sure you’re dealing with someone who is going to be a partner to you in your business.”

Some links recommended by the IVAA:

Work-at-home moms also represent a big part of the VA population. If you’re a mother interested in becoming a VA (or hiring a mom), check out Home-Based Working Moms (voted one of the top 10 sites for working mothers by Forbes).

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