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GirlieGirl Army’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016

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Hard to think about gift buying when the orange orangutan is changing foreign policy without discussing it with other members of the government, but hey let’s try to be in the holiday spirit for a moment and think of others.

The best possible gift this year is a donation to a non profit that can block Trump’s assault on our civil liberties, but we all deserve a little whimsy too – and we can support ethical, eco-friendly, woman-owned, or vegan companies while we are at – all the better.

Here are some gift ideas that will cheer you up (and support the kind of small businesses he hates) in an apocalyptical post-Trump world.

If you haven’t read our 10 Gifts Donald Trump Would Hate list – that’s where you’ll find which charities to donate to this season that will protect your family (and so many others) during the next 4 years.

Now let’s get to shopping!



Paobab the world’s first 100% vegan and eco-friendly camera strap., $44

Paobab the world’s first 100% vegan and eco-friendly camera strap, $44 So your camera stays around your neck while you record the revolution!


Fideer Coffee Table – Rose Gold, $2k To huddle around for grassroots community building meetings late at night, glamorously. This handmade coffee table has been on our wish list for ages – and is actually on sale down from 6k! This exquisite piece would certainly be a piece that would last generations, til Trump’s election is that of a dirty, repulsive past memory.


Lisa Frank Mittens, $54

Lisa Frank Mittens to cheer up all cloudy days, $54 To keep your heart light even when you feel like you are murdering Hello Kitty’s each time you see Trump’s photograph.

Bernie Sanders, A Future To Believe In, $16.20

Bernie Sanders, A Future To Believe In, $16.20 to remember you are the revolution


The Moon Juice Cookbook: Cosmic Alchemy for a Thriving Body, Beauty, and Consciousness by Amanda Chantal Bacon, $23 Because this is the most beautiful, cosmic, healing pile of recipes we’ve seen in a long time – and it doubles as a coffee table book.


2017 Standing Rock Sacred Water art calendar, $28. 100% of the proceeds go to the water protectors in the indigenous-led protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. All of the profits from this calendar will be used to purchase supplies for the camp and/or contributed to the legal defense fund. Gorgeous art by 12 female artists.


Neutrality Sweater, $35 because now is the time to wear your heart on your chest.


The Joanne easily converts from a sling strap to a double strap backpack by unzipping the main strap’s zipper. There are entry zippers on both the top and the back side of the bag. There are also two sizable pockets on each side of the backpack to help store any small items like smartphones, keys or a light snack. The Joanne is 100% cruelty-free, using only the best environmentally friendly vegan leathers. Fashionable, sleek yet very functional – this must-have is available in black, grey, and blue. $88


This year, Project Chimps opened up their brand new chimp sanctuary to their first 9 residents, retired from a life of biomedical research. Their 50 year mission includes creating a home for over 200 more. Vaute designed this tee to express the thanks the chimps have for the Sanctuary from the voices of the chimps themselves, no longer living a life of experimentation. 100% of the sale of this tee shirt goes to Project Chimps. $35



We Are Knitters, Yosemite Scarf Knitting Kit, $57 We Are Knitters is a website full of pre-made knitting kits to make nearly any knit your heart desires. A fully sustainable, woman-owned business – this company gets a heads up from us. Plus: we will need many warm layers for the million woman march!


Equality Matters Tee, $16

Equality Matters Tee, $16 Fight the POWER!


Body Software: Bliss, $55 – because this election has depressed us all and natural anti-depressants are where it’s at. Bliss by BodySoftware was developed by Dr. Hall who believes the body’s biochemical balance can affect mood just as much as external factors. An imbalance in the same hormones that govern every reaction in the body can produce or exacerbate irritation and anger, which may impact relationships as well. That’s why she developed Bliss, a proprietary therapeutic formula using all natural ingredients to bring the hormones back to optimum levels.


Catalyst Gold, $90 Ingestibles are where it’s at right now. Catalyst Gold (developed by holistic wellness counselor and renowned beauty Medea Juhasz) will make you feel and look great, noticeably. This is the sort of thing your bestie may not spring for herself at $90 a bottle, so it’s a perfect holiday gift splurge!


Handmade of silver, with 22kt gold painted accents, Isabella Grace Curved Bar Necklace, $145

All your cats or kids names on one necky! Handmade of silver, with 22kt gold painted accents, Isabella Grace Curved Bar Necklace, $145


Turquoise Cuff, $375 This eco-friendly handmade CRASH cuff is made from the recycled metal of a white BMW 7 Series sedan. In the cuff’s center is a stabilized turquoise that hails from the Bagdad Copper Mine in Arizona, snugly encased in a hand fabricated sterling silver bezel.

Handmade in Brooklyn crescent moon studs in sterling silver, $88

Handmade in Brooklyn crescent moon studs in sterling silver, $88


Late Victorian long drop snake earrings, set with rose cut diamonds and turquoise, and over 4 inches long. $3,295 email to order, To remind you that snakes in the grass are everywhere.. including former friends who voted for Drumpf.


Harajuku Fantasy universe planet Saturn moon diamond the long necklace sweater chain, $24 So she never forgets that the world will keep on spinning no matter how many anti-SNL twitter rants he goes on.


Adia Planter, $185 Each piece is hand carved by a group of fifteen seasoned woodworkers in the Nakawa region, made exclusively in a fair trade environment. In the spirit of sustainability, the cooperative replants trees to replenish this precious resource for future generations.

Alice in Wonderland Stone Coasters, $38 For when they need to escape into cocktails, let them ask Alice

Alice in Wonderland Stone Coasters, $38 For when they need to escape into cocktails, let them ask Alice


Menorah Hat, $25 Yea, a Hanukkah hat because what we need right now are laughs.. and lot’s of them. This one fits or kids or growns.


Unicorn Satin Souvenir Bomber, $127 To remind yourself that miracles sometimes do happen, even in the darkest of times. Be a unicorn in someone else’s life and always stand up when you see injustice. Also: we love that this is a vegan silk jacket which aren’t easy to find!


Porcelain Flower Sculpture By Katie Kinnell, $275 We love this beautiful, politically-minded ceramic artists work (find her on Etsy!) but this particular one of a kind piece benefits an NYC Public School auction, which sweetens it’s gift-giving potential!


Premium Playing Cards From Neil Patrick Harris, $9.95 A legendary deck of premium playing cards that exudes elegance and sophistication. For every purchase of NPH Playing Cards, $1 will go to (RED)’s fight against AIDS, which can provide more than 3 days of life-saving HIV medication. Every deck makes a difference.


Scott Campbell Saved Wines Corkscrew, $125 Inspired by the enduring symbolism of wine throughout history, tattoo artist Scott Campbell was moved to pursue wine as an alternate artistic medium to express his art by creating SAVED Wines — a nod to his tattoo studio SAVED Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the sanctity found by pursuing one’s passion.


Dylan Kendall Home Footed Mugs, $10 each We love this line of home goods by vegan activist Dylan Kendall who has made it her life’s work to help homeless kids and keep harmful plastics away from our kids


Apple Watch, Meet Camera, $149 An Apple Watch band with front and rear HD cameras, for effortless video chat and lightning-fast photos when you’re documenting hate crimes and protests.

POPSICASE – the World’s First iPhone Case Made from Discarded Fishing Net. POPSICASE is the invention of architect, set designer and sculptor, Pablo Erlandsen who developed the case’s intuitive aesthetic after trying and failing to take a picture with one hand. After realizing modern smartphones can’t be used naturally with single digits, he created a handle to attach to his phone cover. $16

POPSICASE – the World’s First iPhone Case Made from Discarded Fishing Net – with a built-in selfie or one hand stick. POPSICASE is the invention of architect, set designer and sculptor, Pablo Erlandsen who developed the case’s intuitive aesthetic after trying and failing to take a picture with one hand. After realizing modern smartphones can’t be used naturally with single digits, he created a handle to attach to his phone cover. $16


NIX Advance- 15 inch Digital Photo & HD Video (720p) Frame with Motion Sensor & 8GB Memory, $159 For the working wo/man who want constant scrolling photos of their pets and/ or kids and/ or amour while at work or Grandparents who require daily baby pic updates.


Leica Sofort Instant Film Camera, $299 For instantly recording things on paper, beautifully.



All-new DJI Phantom camera with 1-inch 20MP Exmor R CMOS sensor, longer flight time and smarter features $1,499 Now is the time to record it all. Get footage clandestinely with this mega smart drone.


Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie,$155


All-In-One Cable, $29 3 ultra rugged charging cables built from military-grade materials like Kevlar and ballistic nylon, so they can keep up with your lifestyle when you’re running from the “alt-right”


PICTAR, $90 The best iPhone camera-grip ever built. Unleash the power of your iPhone’s camera for much better pictures, time after time. Perfect for your activist power headshot.

Penclic Pen Mouse, $82

Penclic Pen Mouse, $82 Get rid of those pesky hand cramps from using a traditional mouse. “The mouse that’s as comfortable as a pen” helps counteract static tension in arms, shoulders, and neck! Plus: it’s wireless! A genius addition to any desk.

The Emoji Keyboard + Software, $21

The Emoji Keyboard + Software, $21 For the eye roll emoji easily on hand when your Bannon-supporting ex high school friend starts ranting on facebook.


Dinner With Citizen Activist Erin Schrode, $350 You have probably heard of Erin as the youngest person to run for congress, an ABC news correspondent, and the woman who first was shot with a rubber bullet at DAPL while peacefully interviewing far from the police. This star-activist will dine with your bestie or cute brother (with proceeds going to charity) at vegan restaurant Candle 79 where you can pick her brain about how to fight Donald Trump for the next 4 years. She’s also such a catch! And a GGA correspondent! Talk about a gift!


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, $19 This straw auto-filters water – so when you’re protesting at DAPL (since Trump will definitely veto Obama’s reroute request) you can make sure your water is still clean. It removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction) and surpasses EPA standards for water filters.


Terrarium lamp via Nui – sign up for pre-orders. image via If It’s Hip, It’s Here.


She Believed She Could So She Did Sign, $10 @zulily – Eco-friendly and sweet, this little sign is perfect to give your bestie that kick in the boots she needs to finish her feminist rally cry blog


kate spade new york Acrylic Letter Tray, Gold, $38 Perfect gift for a co-worker who you don’t know too well. This organizer will make anyone’s work space look chic and organized while you’re secretly staging a coup.

Olafur Eliasson And Frederik Ottesen: Little Sun Solar Light, $30 For those dreary afternoons - they will always think of you when this little cutie brings in the light!

Olafur Eliasson And Frederik Ottesen: Little Sun Solar Light, $30 For those dreary afternoons – they will always think of you when this little cutie brings in the light!



Personalized Dog Christmas Ornament with Name, $19.95

Personalized Dog Christmas Ornament with Name, $19.95


Duck River Cat Tunnel, $39

Dog Umbrella, $7

Dog Umbrella, $7 S/he’ll be so grateful to stay dry while doing his/her business outside since you’ll take extra long as you check your phone for insane news from the elekkkt.




This gorgeous eco-friendly mobile would be a perfect addition to any kids room or nursery to zen out while the world goes mad, HABA Mobile Rainbow Balls, $39.99


The Oogaa brand has changed the way we feed our kids – finally we can give them hot food straight from the oven without worrying about the plastic breaking down into their food and serving them a dose of cancer. Made from European approved food safe, high-grade silicone (higher than FDA standards). Three 4oz contoured bowls keep food separated and little ones happy. No more chips, breaks or loud noises when these plates go whoops-a-daisy. BPA free, BPS free, no harsh chemicals and easy to clean. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, and oven safe. These plates and bowls are in high rotation at GGA HQ! A great stocking stuffer or gift for new Mom. Ooga, $10.99


By far, the raddest baby wrap in history, the ArtiPoppe Tiger Wrap in Black and Gold is $230 – there’s not a single Mom or Dad who wouldn’t feel like the ultimate in cool wearing their baby in this gorgeousness. It can become a scarf or shoulder wrap you’ll wear forever once baby is grown.


Berg Toys Compact Jeep Adventure, $480

Brackitz Inventor 100 Piece Set, $60

Brackitz Inventor 100 Piece Set, $60 – A wonderful connect-it toy which can build gravity-defying 3D structures with rotating pieces – a hit from ages 3 and up!


Magnetic Stick N Stack 120-Piece Classic Plus Set with 2 Wheel Bases, $80 – Endless imagination play for all ages, these are always a hit and last forever.

Personalized Kids Name Puzzle, Wooden Puzzle, $29.95

Personalized Kids Name Puzzle, Wooden Puzzle, $29.95


Manischewitz Do-It-Yourself Chanukah House Vanilla Cookie Decorating Kit: We found it for $15 at CVS, but it’s available at most drugstores! Perfect for the Jewish kid desperate to make a gingerbread house – and accidentally vegan to boot.




Gold Dinosaur Menorah, $39

Gold Dinosaur Menorah, $39

Tasku Babi Whole Mama Fleece Jacket, $99

Tasku Babi Whole Mama Fleece Jacket, $99 What seems like a simply hoody to you, is a life-saver for a Mama. This hoody goes from maternity to babywearing and the front panel switches out front to back for forward or backwards babywearing. This dreamy jacket is available from fierce woman-owned store and website Wild Was Mama were we definitely want everything they sell.


Winter Friends Cord Pinnie, $38

Winter Friends Cord Pinnie, $38 Because Christmas and appliques on pinafores go hand in hand!


bobo choses hypnotized faux fur coat $245 Yea, we know $245 for a kids faux-fur jacket is insane but LOOK AT IT! This dreamy jacket is handmade and would be SO cool on a boy or girl – Bowie-style.


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