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3 Genius Things To Do With Your Old Clothes

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Your old clothes could be out there doing wonderful things for the world! If you love something, for the sake of vintage stores, set it free! That embroidered jacket you bought 10 years ago, but never wore, does NOT need to hold up space in your closet, and by default your psyche. Did you know clutter affects your mood and level of success in life?  The first thing any feng shui expert advises is to clear your clutter! All of these options are as easy as printing a shipping label and reusing an old box or shipping bag, but if you’re the type who prefers to hand over the goods in person – that’s an easy fix too! Read on!

3 Genius Things To Do With Your Old Clothes

3 Genius Things To Do With Your Old Clothes

  1. Send your clothes in good shape to – they accept mens, womens, and kids. When you sign up with our link, you get $10 to shop in future! You save up to 90% on like-new styles from brands you love: J.Crew, Anthropologie, Mini Boden, Crewcuts, and more. But more importantly, you can make money sending them what you don’t wear anymore! This is money in your pocket for doing a clear out, and a no-brainer. Plus – it’s eco friendly to pass on your old duds to someone who will use them. Want to do a local drop off? Easy, just head to your local consignment store and drop off your goodies. They will let you know as they sell and you’ll make cash or credit in their shop.
  2. Send your womens, mens, and kids to and support your favorite school. Don’t have a favorite school? Support the Malala Fund which support girls’ education projects in vulnerable communities around the world.  Dump your outgrown womens, mens, baby, kids clothes, shoes, coats, and bags in a box – and support a non-profit with the proceeds. It’s as easy as throwing them in a box and printing their pre-paid shipping label off their website. If you use our link, you get $10 in your account to shop Schoola for what you actually need and will use!
  3. Donate your old gear to your local homeless shelter, salvation army, or animal shelter for a tax write-off. Don’t have time to do the drop off? Simply send them off in any old box(es) to  who will send them to a local charity most in need- not to worry, you can print a tax receipt for write off’s directly from their site. has changed the clutter situation in our lives! has changed the clutter situation in our lives!

    BONUS ADVICE: What to do with stained clothes or clothing with holes or pilling? EASY! H&M takes them for textile recycling, and bonus! you get a coupon for a % off when you donate to them! Every H&M has a bin to throw them in, simply ask a sales associate where it is, and for your discount coupon!

    Clothing can be recycled too!

    Clothing can be recycled too!


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