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Eco Fashion Line Miakoda Makes Glorious Basics

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It’s always something with the eco clothing lines we are sent to review. It’s gorgeous, but they use wool (boo) – it’s adorable, but it’s made in China (blech) – it’s very well made, but a corporation owns the entire concept (women power.. what?) We cover all of it because we are here to show you what’s on the market and let you choose for yourself, but  Julia Ahrens  just launched a fashion company called Miakoda  which is very special.

It’s an eco friendly, organic, and cruelty free line of women’s clothing and accessories that are made in NYC. No animals, people, or places are harmed in the production.  And owned and run by a vegan woman in NYC.  We love it for comfy toe socks, sweatshirt dresses, and lovely flowing basics.

Julia wanted to introduce herself to you, so who were we to say no?

In May 2012 I graduated from Parsons in NYC with a degree in Fashion Design. At the same time, I was starting to lead a vegan lifestyle and practicing yoga. I began to be much more conscious of how my actions impact other humans, the animals, and our planet.  I began to notice how many of the assignments I had while working as a freelance designer went against my ethics and what was in my heart. It was required that I worked with wool, leather, and other animal products as well as materials that aren’t sustainable. I also noticed that when I was shopping there were fewer vegan/sustainable options of quality that also respected social and ecological justice.
I decided that if I wanted to have lots of fashionable options for conscious clothing that I would have to make them. I am hoping that Miakoda will start to change the minds and styles of consumers to make all aspects of life a little more gentle. My sister is a yoga teacher, and kindness of consumption is important to her, so she jumped on board to help me start my company. She is featured in the lifestyle photographs, taken outdoors, on our website. All our materials are sourced sustainably, and our labor is done fairly and locally, in Manhattan, NY. I design all of the products and work closely with the small factory that produces my line, but I specifically create each of the crocheted products and malas by hand in my studio. No animals, people, or places are harmed or disrespected in the creation our clothes.

What’s more important to us is that compassion becomes a component of consumption and that vegan options that are desirable and functional are widely available. We want people to know that they can make a difference, if not by starting a company as we did, then by supporting those who have and choosing to buy products that are kind to animals, people, and the earth.

sweatshirt_dress_1 tank_3 tank_dress_5 cargo_3
Hey, you guys, take 10% off and free shipping on the website for GGA readers!  If the readers enter GGA (all capital letters) at checkout, the discount will be applied.



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