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Marc Jacobs Faux Furs Revealed To Be Dog

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Never one known for his compassion, Marc Jacobs has been busted for cruelty again. The Humane Society of the United States and New York State Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal, D-Manhattan, author of New York State’s 2007 fur labeling law, found that popular New York department store, Century 21, sold multiple animal fur garments in violation of state and federal fur labeling laws. The undercover investigation documented that the chain advertised raccoon dog fur as “faux fur” on a Marc Jacobs jacket and sold an unlabeled infant sweater that contained rabbit fur.

Vaginal or anal electrocution, skinning alive.. still think it's pretty?

Pierre Grzybowski, research and enforcement manager of the fur-free campaign for The HSUS said: “The Humane Society of the United States is releasing these findings during National Consumer Protection Week to warn consumers that animal fur, including from raccoon dogs who may be skinned alive in China, is being sold unlabeled or as faux fur. Consumers can protect themselves and animals by learning how to tell real fur from fake fur, and urging retailers like Century 21 to go fur-free.”

In September 2012, HSUS investigators purchased three Marc by Marc Jacobs jackets online from Century 21, where they were advertised as having “faux fur” trim. Upon delivery all three jacket labels indicated “real raccoon fur” from China and laboratory testing of one jacket indicated it was actually raccoon dog.

Marc Jacobs faux fur.. or is it?

Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal said: “In 2007, I passed legislation to require all apparel with real or fake fur to be labeled as real or fake, so that shoppers could have easy access to this important product information. My constituents and the people of this state thought that this law was a necessary complement to existing, but rarely enforced, federal regulations requiring that fur garments contain a description of the kind of fur used and the country of origin. Many people want to avoid wearing fur at all, and for them, knowing whether the garment they are about to purchase is made with real or faux fur is just as important a factor in determining whether to buy it as is the price.”

In January 2013, HSUS investigators, accompanied by Assemblymember Rosenthal, purchased five different animal fur-trimmed jackets inside two Century 21 stores in New York City. Two of the jackets, one unlabeled and one “JNBY” brand jacket with “faux fur” on the hangtag, were purchased in the Lincoln Square location, which is within Rosenthal’s legislative district; the other three were purchased at a separate Century 21 location. In 2011, prior to the grand opening of the Century 21 location, Assemblymember Rosenthal wrote the retailer to notify it of its duties under the law she passed, and to request that it comply or go fur-free altogether.

Undercover footage shows Century 21 salespeople unable to find any fur labeling on garments, and in some cases indicating that they thought the unlabeled fur was fake, when in fact it was animal fur. Under the federal Fur Products Labeling Act, all garments trimmed with animal fur must give the name of the animal and the country in which the animal was killed. It is a violation of federal law to misidentify the species of animal fur used in wearing apparel.

If an ounce of media were given to exactly how these items were procured (anal electrocution, skinning while alive, agonizing traps, etc) nobody worth their weight in humanity would be caught dead in fur.  And yet thousands of people applaud Marc Jacobs shows.  Marc Jacobs is nothing but a bully to animals, and an animal abuser.  If you sell and promote fur, you are implicit in the abuse.  Period. You may as well have gutted hundreds of thousands of animals alive with your bare hands, Jacobs.

Regardless of this investigation, Jacobs showed a veritable animal shelter slaughter full of furs in his recent couture show.  Jacobs is not one known for his compassion levels, but we presume the fashion industry will take little pity on him as his hipster image ages fast.  We think it’s time Jacobs got with the humane picture and went fur free like many other designers before him. It’s time.

For a copy of the complete investigative report, including photos of the purchased items and undercover footage, visit,


  • Aug. 15, 2007 – Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal’s legislation to require fur labeling is signed into law.
  • November 2007 – New York fur labeling law goes into effect. New York State’s fur labeling law requires garments sold in New York to state “Real Fur” or “Faux Fur” on the label, hangtag or sticker if they contain either such material.
  • January 2009 – an investigation by The HSUS and Assemblymember Rosenthal  found that Bloomingdale’s was selling unlabeled “Parajumpers” and “Steve by Searle” brand jackets trimmed with animal fur, and that Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue were both selling “Moncler” brand jackets trimmed with unlabeled animal fur.
  • December 2010 – The Truth in Fur Labeling Act, signed by President Obama, an amendment to the Fur Products Labeling Act, closed a loophole in the six-decade-old federal fur labeling law that previously allowed many fur-trimmed garments to go unlabeled if the value of the animal fur material was $150 or less. This loophole left consumers in the dark as to whether they were buying faux or real animal fur.
  • March 18, 2012 marked the end of the Federal Trade Commission’s one-year enforcement grace period for any previously exempt garments that were already in retail stores. For the past year, all fur-trimmed garments sold in the U.S. must be properly labeled with the species of animal and country of origin, regardless of the dollar value of the fur material.


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Readers Comments (28)

  1. Darlinda says:

    I love this freaking website so much. Always badass and always on point! Thank you GGA!!

  2. Nora Jones says:

    I am sure this will mean the end of his fashion line. He has duped the public and that does not bode well for his future success.

  3. Bergdoof says:

    Err… I get the outrage, but “raccoon dog” is as much dog fur as fox or coyote is. Your article makes it sound like he’s over there skinning poodles. Century 21 ought to be shut down for continuing to falsely sell real fur as faux.
    Also who are the many designers who’ve shunned fur? Can anyone name a few? Would love to know.

  4. Brittany says:

    Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few!

    • Samyrocks says:

      Yes, those designers are against skin animals, but they
      are PRO slaving childs in China and India. whats worse?

      • Darlinda says:

        There’s another option – buying ALL fairly made eco organic.. and vegan. Those items exist. Those designers exist. I find out about them regularly on this here site.


    Furs are for the animals – not US !!

  6. Stephen A. says:

    Um, “raccoon dog” is simply a “raccoon” in China. This is not “dog fur” (even though, yes, it’s animal fur, for those who are exorcised about that.)

    But congrats on hyping the story with the word “dog”!

    • Darlinda says:

      Congrats on being a speciesist ignoramus, Stephan! Dog = raccoon = pig = monkey = cat = human…

    • Georgiana says:

      A raccoon dog, aka Tanuki, is a member of the canid family. It is not a raccoon as you state.

    • Bamba says:

      Oooh it’s only racoons they’re torturing and skinning! Phew I was almost worried because raccoons dont have feeling or nerve endings like canines do

    • Renee Koenitzer says:

      They are actually known as raccoon dogs. They aren’t raccoons. The same country boils all manner of dogs and cats alive to eat them. Yes, alive. There is a pic seared into my brain of a dog looking out of a cooking pot, parboiled.

  7. Carol Vincent says:

    I cannot believe the inhumane and heartless people who do these things to poor animals. Sad!

  8. susan dandorf says:

    this designer/company should be ASHAMED!! Using DOG FUR????? PEOPLE OPEN YOUR MOUTHS AND PROTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its bad enough killing wildlife, now you going to kill dogs??? whats next? doess anyone realize how these animals are killed? they are electrocuted through ANUS.
    THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. dichotomy says:

    OH wait would that be the Marc jacobs who made tshirts for dogs that said “I BARK FOR OBAMA” oh is..

  10. pema says:

    Whether dog, or any other animal – fur for fashion is just wrong. It is a statement of extreme pain, terror, and death. For those who think that fur is so wonderful – see the pictures and films of what really happens to the animals – their lives, their deaths, and yes, being skinned alive. With all the plant and synthetic fibers we have today, fur is unnecessary.

  11. […] Marc Jacobs Faux Furs Revealed To Be Dog – (GirlieGirlArmy) Nasty. Tech & Science Stuff […]

  12. Ben says:

    Not to belabor the point, but misleading article titles do more harm than good! Let’s not be the side with egg on its face! Racoon dog is a canine but not a dog. Does that mean that they deserve to die or be tortured any more than a dog? No!! But let’s not give anyone any fodder to say that we mislead people for animal rights – then they will question all the truth that is out there! It’s embarrassing! But yes this is terrible especially because the company is deceiving people who are trying to do the right thing and buy faux. Ps , I adore rabbit fur! It looks so stylish on my rabbits (where it belongs!)

  13. Stoya says:


  14. Taylor Scott says:

    This is one of the most disgusting thing a human being could do.Taking the life of an animal just because its called “FASHION.” I think we should skin these so called designers and see how many would buy and wear them.!!!!
    My faux fur coat is nice and I personaly like to see animals in theres.

  15. Uggs Boots, has been using Raccoon Dogs on their Boots for many Years . Cats, Dogs and other tortured Creatures are part of J-lo line of clothing . Raccoon Dogs are not killed first .They Are Skinned “`ALIVE
    Fashion “Has Never Been So Cruel !
    Stop the Killing of Innocent Animals
    Make the Fashion Industry Comes Clean

  16. ewa says:

    Disgusting!!! When I found out that JLO and Mark Jacobs use dog fur on their products, I almost threw up. I took their stuff out of my house, and I will never buy their clothes again. What a shame.

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