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Exclusive: Top 10 Cruelty Free Beauty Products – Plus: Enter To Win A Make Over!

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“I will not retire while I’ve still got my legs and my make-up box.” Bette Davis

Eden Di Bianco‘s existence is like spotting a pink unicorn; truly adorable and very rare.  Ever heard of a cosmetologist who specializes in providing cruelty-free beauty services on location (that means in your living room if you so deem it) for affordable rates who comes bustling in with a smile and a gluten-free cookie? How about a hair and make-up pro who will come to you and do anything from your color to your brows using only natural (if that’s your bag) products for incredibly reasonable rates?

Eden DiBianco (above)

The artists we’ve found who use cruelty-free products often have made us look worse than when we came in.  Eden actually provides glam bang for the buck, which is why we’ve chosen to share our glam squad secret with you, we aren’t the type to keep our beauty finds to ourselves. Educated at the Carsten Aveda Institute in NYC and trained in French hair cutting technique, this superstar of animal-friendly celebrities, fashion shoots and runway (all the images in this exclusive are of her work!) is our in-house girl for cuts, color, and glam face before a big event.  All the hair and make-up products she uses are cruelty-free, and our girl promises to never put anything on your face or hair that she wouldn’t use on her own.  Plus 10% of anything she makes is donated to organizations that help rehab and place homeless or abandoned dogs. So when Eden offered to not only share her top 10 favorite products with us but offer one of our deserving readers a make over we said….. yes, please!

Oh, did we mention you can win a make-over with her by leaving a comment below?  Details on that later.  First, GirlieGirl Goodies!

The Top Ten Items In My Kit That I Don’t Do A Photoshoot Without:

by Eden Di Bianco

1) e.l.f. mineral eyeshadow in Elegant: This shadow has a soft subtle shimmer to it that is great for brightening up the eye area and is an amazing base for any eyeshadow look from natural to a fierce smokey eye.  The shade is an ivory with a slight goldish reflection.  I have yet to find a skin tone this color does not look amazing on either in the corners of the final look for a wide eyed look or as a brow highlight.  Best part?  It’s only $3 a pop.  That’s right, $3, and is available online or in your local Target.

2) Beauty Without Cruelty Full Volume or Ultimate Mascara: BWC Mascara provides beautiful lashes that pop without flaking, parabens, animal ingredients, or potentially irritating fragrance. This mascara lasts all day and washes off without leaving you looking like a raccoon.

3)bdellium Vegan Green Bambu brushes: The handles of theses brushes are made of sustainable bamboo, and each brush has a wonderful balance of softness and bristle density for smooth and consistent applications.  Best part?  These cool vegan brushes are truly professional tools whose price makes them super accessible for everyone.

4) Logona Naturkosmetik: Bamboo Hairstyler: Don’t go telling everybody my secrets, but I turn to this amazing German product for blow dries with bounce and volume without sacrificing hold on humid days.  It’s light and airy, and the bamboo extract lends a beautiful flexibility to hair.  Plus it’s non aerosol and contains no artificial colors or nasty chemicals–you can see right through it.  It boasts organic chamomile and hops and a smell that I can only describe using the technical term “yummy”.

5) Tara Smith Basecoat Serum: I’m fond of saying “I’m a beautician, not a magician!” but this stuff makes me feel like one.  It’s great after a blow dry to soothe dry damaged or flyaway hair because it nourishes and leaves hair silky and shiny, not clumpy and greasy.  Also great on damp hair before a blow dry to protect delicate strands, or to finish a look for photos.

6) Gabriel Cosmetics Lipsticks: These Candelilla wax based lipsticks are free of lead, gluten, and petrochemicals, and are so far the best vegan reds I have found so far, which is an absolute must for any glamor girl.

7) My favorite vegan tinted moisturizer/medium coverage foundation hands down is from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  They offer surprisingly good coverage for a tinted moisturizer that is definitely buildable.  The biggest boon for me when looking for vegan foundations is that OCC comes in a variety of shades for compassionistas of ALL colors. As a Latina, this is an issue I have had with other companies that have good products but with limited availability for women with deeper skin tones, which for some reason remain invisible to several major luxury cosmetic companies.

8) Back to my old friends e.l.f.:  their high definition powder is outrageously similar to the Make Up Forever High Def powder. Both are translucent fine milled mineral silica powders that provide a soft focus effect and mattify any slick spots without caking up on skin–except that MUF’s is $30 and e.l.f.’s is $6 for the same amount of powder.  I own and use both, and the e.l.f. version is a steal.

9) MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder: This stuff is delicious.  It goes on with a cool refreshing feeling, and the powders reflect light in a way that gives you a soft glow.

10) AVEDA Air Control Hairspray: By far the best flexible but firm hold I’ve found in a hairspray so far for the grueling demands on some of my work.  Hair moves and doesn’t look wet or hard, and holds up to demanding hairstyling like bridal up dos.  It’s an aerosol but has zero net impact, doesn’t smell chemical and nasty, goes on dry and holds using pine resin and certified organic flax seed.


Enter for a chance to win a Girls Just Wanna have Fun cruelty free makeover from Eden!

Enter by leaving a comment here telling us when you feel the most beautiful and why you (or someone close to you) deserves this makeover, then like our new page on facebook.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Beauty is about who we are inside as well as out, and it’s OK to embrace both and to want to save the world and get a thrill out of a new pair of shoes at the same time. Winners will be announced on August 1st 2011 exclusively on GGA. Subject to availability, prize redeemable until 02/08/2011 in the NY area only.

And it’s not over yet: Here are some dramatically discounted package deals exclusive to GirlieGirl Army readers!  Email or call Eden (contact information below) to book your appointment and mention GGA for these special rates.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – $125

Have your HS reunion coming up?  Going to your ex’s wedding? Just land your dream job and going out to celebrate? Give good face for any special event by booking this package.  Includes a hair set for red carpet worthy locks, brow grooming, and party proofed make up so you can go ahead and let your girls tag you in those pictures on Facebook.  This is an absurdly good deal for all of these services together under your very own roof and saves you a lot of time running around to different locations.

Give It To Me Straight: $45

Scalp massage and blow dry or flat iron: Humidity got you down?  Tame that unruly mane with a banging blow out or flawless flatiron.

Shine On $145

Haircut, Diamond Shine Gloss, Deep Conditioning Treatment: Restore the health of your hair by cutting off those dead ends (aka stripper ends) causing flyaway’s and dullness and turn on the shine with this restorative treatment.

California Girl: $175

Highlights, Gloss, and Trim: Carefully weaved summer highlights for a look that’s sexy, not stripy, plus a gloss for shine and multidimensional tones and a trim to keep it clean.

Here Comes the Bride -$350

Comprehensive cruelty free bridal package.  Includes pre-wedding consultation, trial and Day Of expert hair styling and make up application including premium lashes for luscious locks and a flawless face that will smile back at you in photos for a lifetime.   Add grooming services for the Groom to the package for only $25!  Special packages available for LGBT weddings!

*Please make inquiries for bridal packages as far in advance as possible, all Saturdays for July are already booked and August will fill up fast!

GGA BFF C. Eden Di Bianco is an Aveda trained hairstylist/make up artist/brow expert extraordinaire who specializes in cruelty free hair & make up services on location.  Working in your home, hotel room, or even office, she provides amazing service on your schedule. This flexible and highly personalized service model is a lifesaver for Mamazons (who can get beautified while Baby naps) night owls, nurse, bartenders (whose work shifts that make scheduling time for beauty nearly impossible). or for anyone looking for cruelty free glamour without the attitude or commute to the salon!  Eden’s clients (well, those she can talk about) include chef/author Alexandra Jamieson, comedian Leo Allen, The NJ Housewives, Elizabeth Olsen designer/founder of olsen Haus shoes, and our very own Chloé Jo Davis and family.

You can reach her via EdenDiBianco.com, email, twitter, or by calling her at 646.243.8930. She’s housetrained and doesn’t bite.

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Readers Comments (57)

  1. Cobi says:

    I feel most beautiful when I am inspired. I’ve spent the last year doing a DIY home improvement project for my parents that would make an episode of “Hoarders” look easy in comparison. I am SO ready to ditch the grubbies and look pretty again. I’d LOVE to win the makeover!

  2. Linda O. says:

    I feel the most beautiful when I wake up and have been gifted by the universe with another day on this lovely planet! My morning meditation consists of a couple of minutes where I express gratitude for this precious gift and I set an intention to express love and beauty at every opportunity. I was just going through photos from my high school/college days and am blessed to still look the same. I would love to update my look and be a little sexier and more sophisticated!

  3. jc says:

    i feel most beautiful when I am laughing my heart out and finding myself truly happy with my fiance. he makes me smile 24/7 and i love eveyr moment.

  4. carrie obrien says:

    I feel the most beautiful when I am with loved ones relaxing, cooking and eating together!

  5. jc says:

    oops, i forgot to write why i should win~ i would love to be more beautiful for my fiance but also be friendly to the earth at the same time

  6. Rachel says:

    I feel the most beautiful when I’m lying in savasana in the middle of my Bikram yoga class. I would like to win because I would like to reward myself for going to Bikram every day for a month.

  7. Courtney says:

    I feel most beautiful after a really hard running race or triathlon, and I’m hanging out with the other athletes in my race clothes, no make-up, no fancy clothes, sore muscles — just human in my human body, which I try to challenge in my training and races.
    I should win, because I don’t know what make-up I should wear and I’m starting a new marketing job in 10 days!

  8. Yvette West says:

    Oh my, I love that she shares her fave products with us, that is so giving of her and educational. Being a vegan is about evolving everyday and staying open to learn new ways to dig deeper into responsible cruelty free living and turning over the stones in every facet of our lives. Stunning vegan fashionistas debunk the stereo types non vegans want to have about us. Love Love Love the choices…. would love to win a makeover :-)

  9. Tal says:

    I feel most beautiful when I’m out in the wilderness. Recently I went traveling to Ireland, and in that bright greenery and golden sun, you can’t help to feel beautiful!

    I deserve a makeover like this because as a person living as cruelty-free as possible, I would love to have the experience to learn how I can change the way I look and feel with products that I support. Aside from this, I need a change in my look. I recently moved back to California to my parents house after school and am not really feeling my best. I’m in a state of some confusion and disarray and would greatly benefit from a confidence booster as I scrounge around for a job and new friends.

  10. Kristin says:

    I feel most beautiful when I’m dancing around my bedroom to some fun tunes.

    I would love a makeover because I’m about to embark on a year-long, vegan food focused, cross country road trip. Which means there will VERY little pampering, dressing up, and makeup wearing going on for at least a year. So, I’d love to go out with a bang and have a blast getting glammed up with Eden.

  11. Kat says:

    i feel most beautiful during and right after a yoga class…

  12. Jennifer says:

    i feel most beautiful when I laugh and when I cry.

  13. Julia says:

    I feel most beautiful right after I visit my acupuncturist.
    I would love to win this makeover because due to a number of reasons, I haven’t been able to treat myself to much in the way of beauty lately.

  14. Veronica says:

    I feel most beautiful when I wake up after a good night sleep. My skin is glowing (and without any makeup!), my body is energized, and my heart and mind are ready to make the best of the new day. Combine this with some sunshine through my window, and I am truly shining from within. :)
    I would truly appreciate this makeover because it would support the many changes I have recently made in my life – adopting a healthy vegan lifestyle. It is the best decision I have ever made.
    Thank you for such a great giveaway and for your hard work! :)

  15. Lynda B says:

    I feel the most beautiful when I’m fresh and clean, coming out of the shower after a tough workout!

    I deserve this make over because I’m a to-be-bride who is on a budget and would love to learn more about cruelty free make-up to wear on my special day.

  16. Jodie says:

    I feel most beautiful when I’m sitting around laughing with my loved ones- even if I’m still in my pajamas!

  17. Jodie says:

    Oops… for got the second part:

    I feel most beautiful when I’m sitting around laughing with my loved ones- even if I’m still in my pajamas!

    and… I deserve this makeover because I’ve been struggling with feeling beautiful after a lot of weight gain.

  18. Colleen says:

    On my way home after spending a long day at the beach, working up a sweat is when I feel most beautiful. There’s something about sun & salt water that makes me feel cleansed physically and spiritually.

  19. Lenore Mamarella says:

    I feel most beautiful when I’m elbow-deep in cat litter. Taking care of animals is truly rewarding because they’re always so happy to see me and they look at me like I’m beautiful even if it’s morning and I have no makeup on and my hair looks like Nick Nolte’s mug shot. I would love to win a cruelty-free vegan makeover because I’m vegan and I know that the only way true beauty can be acheived is through cruelty-free living.

  20. s says:

    I feel most beautiful when my voice is the only one which matters, in my head.

  21. Amy says:

    I feel the most beautiful when I wake up in the morning next to my husband. There is nothing more empowering like laying next to someone and knowing that you are safe and cared for, no matter what. Even if I feel like a mess (messy hair, Pjs all tangled) he always tells me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me.

  22. Lisa says:

    I feel most beautiful when I first wake and look over at the most beautiful little girl in the entire world. When she opens her eyes and smiles at me, my heart overflows with joy and beauty. She rocks my world :)

  23. Julie says:

    I feel most beautiful when I’ve been productive and also done something just for fun.

  24. emma says:

    I would love to win because i am going into high school so some glam vegan makeup would be appreciated. I would love to have a makeup artist who really knew what they were doing instaed of me.

  25. Anita says:

    I felt beautiful hearing that the (future) Chickens of this country won a hopeful small victory this week and maybe the tide is turning in small but meaningful ways one person at a time…Also being with my animals and true friends warms my heart.

    I deserve a makeover because I’ve never had one and because of personal reasons that have affected my looks I could use some help/ Thanks!

  26. Joselle says:

    I feel most beautiful when I am happy and I am happy when I watch my dog run around the dog park with all his friends, when I talk to my husband without any distractions and we get at the heart of things and when I work up a messy sweat while exercising-especially when I start out not wanting to! I deserve thus makeover because I believe the way we carry ourselves in the world is a powerful message and I often don’t feel like my outside matches my inside. I really want guidance on how to look my best so I can be congruent.

  27. samantha says:

    I feel most beautiful after I exercise, I have a glow and a peacefulness. I would love the make over. Being self employed not a lot of $$$ or time to treat myself to something like this.

    If not me, I have a friend Katy who is a fairly new mom (Evan is 1) of a high energy, never sleeps kid and she could definitely use the treat.

  28. Megan says:

    I feel the most beautiful when I wake up in the morning with last nights mascara-raccoon-eyes and my dog is waiting to give me a thousand kisses.

    Its hard to say why I deserve this makeover over anyone else….but I’d really love it because I just moved to NYC after a divorce and I’d like to be glamafied (is that a word?) for my new life!!

  29. I wish I could enter this, but I’m not in the new york area. Good luck to everyone else.

    I feel beautiful when my toddler daughter tells me “mommy pretty” in her tiny little voice. I may not be glammed up, but I know she means it. So sweet :-)

  30. Sheila Chaffins says:

    I feel beautiful when my husband looks at me like I am the only woman in the world.

    I need this makeover because I don’t have any make-up. I need to buy some but I just don’t know what to get.

  31. @Lenore: Nick Nolte’s mug shot. Wow. I love celebrity mugshots b/c I’m a rubbernecker that way (I blame TV), and literally just snorted laughing.
    These are WONDERFUL, ladies, some really inspiring and beautiful sentiments and stories here. KEEP IT UP! Winner will be announced on August 1st right here thru GGA! xoxoxo

  32. Holly says:

    Great list! I’ve got to get my hands on some Bamboo Hairstyler.

    I feel at my most beautiful when I’m listening to a great song and pretend it was written for me. I’m coming off an unlucky year and if I win it will turn my luck around!

  33. Jamie says:

    I feel the most beautiful when I’m treating my body right…eating Raw and working out. I would love to win because I’m turning the big 30 and would like to treat myself to a new look!

  34. April says:

    I feel most beautiful when I am helping others and giving whatever I have to make people, mostly children, smile. That just makes me happy and makes me beautiful by extension.
    I’d like to win because I am really struggling to find a good makeup system right now (and other routines as well). I have really sensitive skin and so I’m trying to cleanse out my system – a new makeover would work toward that effort!

  35. EthicalBella says:

    I stayed a night at my sister’s and walked sleepily to the kitchen in the morning to make coffee in my PJ’s with messy hair.
    My 5 yrs. old niece looked at me and said: “You look SO beautiful!”. Reminded me that there’s no reason we can’t feel absolutely gorgeous whenever, wherever and whatever we look like!

  36. Alexandra says:

    I just have to say – Mz. Eden did my make-up for a couple of photo shoots and she is T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D! Her kit is filled with high-quality, non-allergenic and animal free products which felt amazing – and in her skilled hands I came out feeling (and looking) great.
    If you ever need someone to do your look, call her! She’s sweet, fun to be around, and will listen to what you want.

  37. Joy says:

    I love the days when all the planets align and I manage to pull together an outfit that I think looks great on me and maybe even somewhat fashionable. Add some matching underwear and it really helps boost the self confidence. :)

  38. VIcki Godal says:

    Hi Eden,
    I would love to see a cruelty free makeover that stays looking good. Hopefully this is the one.

    Also I’m so happy you’re house trained. That is important in an artist.

  39. Lol! I think some folks are hesitant to sign up for services at home bc they wonder if there will be a mess especially with color, but as a guest in your home, I usually come with my own newspaper in case you’re worried.
    And I usually only bite if asked, but I do have to charge extra. ;)

    It is totally possible to have a cruelty free look that lasts! It’s a combination of the right products for your skin type and shopping for the right level of coverage, plus proper application. There are so many great skin prep products and finishers, as well as new developments in formulas that are bringing us forward into the future of true cruelty free glam make up, not just earthy crunchy hippie stuff or natural looks that photograph miserably or melt off your face.

  40. Ashlyn says:

    I feel most beautiful when a friend tells me something that I’ve done to help them or make them feel better about themselves.

  41. Liz says:

    I feel most beautiful when I’m with my kids and we’re hiking – the air and the sun – being closer to nature. As a FT working mom I rarely have time to indulge in pampering myself. A make-over would be perfect right now. I need some help in that dept big time :)

  42. Carrie says:

    I feel most beautiful when my husband looks me in my eyes and tells me how much he loves me. I am in the processes of transitioning all my cosmetics, household cleaning products, clothing, food, etc. to mostly organic, non toxic, and cruelty free. Winning this makeover would be a great gift for me during my transformation. I also just found out that I am pregnant and what a great way to celebrate with a cruelty free makeover!!!

  43. Devon says:

    My 21st birthday is tomorrow and I am really excited. I want to use that day, this new year for me as a catalyst into veganism from vegetarianism and I absolutely love natural makeup and skincare products. My guilty pleasure is going to the Aveda in Minneapolis and checking out the cool au natural products they have.

    I feel most beautiful when I’m living a cruelty free lifestyle (makeup, clothes, food and all) and it’s sunny outside.

  44. kh says:

    I feel most beautiful after a workout…when my face is flushed and the endorphins are flowing. I feel healthy and beautiful, even without a stict if makeup and in my workout clothing!

  45. I wanted to say something romantic and sweet, like I feel the most beautiful when I’m sitting on my couch with my partner, Mariann, and my sweet pit bull, Rose. But if I’m going to be truthful, I feel the most beautiful when I’m wearing a vixen-like corset, because, god, I love that look. Pair it together with red lipstick, and a dress from Trashy Diva, plus my favorite vegan-freegan shoes, and I’m sexy — I must admit it. But there’s rarely a time to dress up these days, so I try to do little things to feel beautiful — like style my hair in a funky way, or get my thrift on and getting a new-old find for cheap. I just lost a buttload of weight (literally?) — last time I checked it was 65 pounds, though it’s probably a bunch more now. I did it through intermittent juice fasting and following Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live program, and my partner Mariann also lost a bunch of weight because we did these things together. So I’d LURVE a makeover, because I haven’t quite figured out how to WORK this new hot bod, and though I’m in my early 30’s, the things I’m drawn to of late scream NYU student — not good. I need help, and since I am in love with your red lipstick, I think we can be friends… xox

  46. Sonia says:

    I don’t live in NY so I can’t win:(

    Two things though:

    I would love to try OCC’s tinted moisturizer and lip tars but there are so many colors it would be hard going off of what they look like on the computer so I have yet to buy any.

    Mrs. Chloe Jo, Your family is gorge! And your baby…friggin adorable!

  47. Thank you Sonia, that’s so nice of you!
    I’d say ask OCC to send you samples or for a location near you where you can try it on :)

  48. I feel the most beautiful now that I am pregnant. For the first time in my life I look in the mirror everyday & am simply overwhelmed at the grace of my growing belly & the complimentary glow that comes along with it.

    I would love to win because what girl doesn’t want a make-over? I love change & refreshing my look every so often. Soon I’ll be a mom but I don’t want to lose this feeling!

    Good luck to everyone & thank you for this fun giveaway. :)

  49. Cameo says:

    I feel most beautiful when I am in a great outfit with my hair blown out and my face made up – and I am not sweating off all the make-up! Simple but honest.

    I would love to win the make-over because I need a new make-up look. I am also interested in learning more about green/cruelty-free beauty.

  50. Sonia says:

    I never thought to ask for samples. I might just try that. Thanks!

  51. Luisa says:

    I feel the most beautiful when surrounded by my wife, Donna, and my children. They make me feel so loved and beautiful.
    I would love to win because I am turning 50 on August 5th and it’s a biggie! I’ve never really used makeup and it would be awesome to try and hoping someone can teach me.
    Btw. I love, love, love the picture of you
    and your family. You look amazing and your baby is such a cutie!!!

  52. Lauren Francis says:

    I feel the most beautiful on the inside when I am helping animals whether I’m doing something nice for my own adopted dogs or volunteering at the animal shelter. I feel prettiest on the outside when I am dancing and singing to music I love at concerts surrounded by other joyful people who are appreciating the experience deep down in their hearts the same way I do. I would love a makeover so that I can hire my portrait photographer friend to photograph me looking my best, and then I can save the pics forever and look at them when I am old and say “Hey I wasn’t too shabby”!

  53. chloejo says:

    Chrissie loved all your entries, but she chose Lenore as our winner.

    This contest is now closed.

    More contests to come, stay tuned – be sure to LIKE us on fb and tell your friends to like us so they can win glamazon goodies too!

  54. Ann says:

    I feel most beautiful when I read or write.

  55. […] house and give her a gorgeous make over (she’s the kind of gal a Mother loves, and her packages are very […]

  56. Samantha Fraser says:

    I feel most beautiful right after I finish working out with my boyfriend. I’m all sweaty, but feeling good about myself.

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