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The Best Vegan Uggs Ever

Published on January 25, 2011 by   ·   19 Comments Pin It

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We would never wear the tortured skins of sweet sheep on our fine feet.   Millions of sheep have been killed to make Uggs.  It fact, it takes multiple sheep to make one pair of Uggs (about 8 smaller sheep).  Most Uggs aren’t made in Australia. They are currently made in China from imported sheep skins.  That said, do you still want to participate in that kind of cruelty for toasty toes?  We didn’t think so.

Pamela Anderson said; “I feel so guilty for that craze being started around Baywatch days – I used to wear them with my red swimsuit to keep warm – never realizing that they were SKIN! Do NOT buy Uggs! Buy Stella McCartney or Juicy boots – I’m looking for alternatives myself for my boys and the men in my life! I’m designing some right now for my family and will try and have some available on my Web site soon.”

And we will admit, until now, most of the faux Uggs on the market are cheap, flimsy, and not even remotely soft and cozy and wearable as the real deal.  Imagine our excitement when Neuaura (an all-vegan shoe line) announced the first ever high-end vegan Ugg (named” other things, of course.)  They are made with recycled ultra suede, plush faux fur lining, and have a really durable non-skid sole.  Best of all, the upper material is 100% water-proof, so unlike people who get their Uggs ruined in the winter conditions, you will be walking on boots that still look dope! Plus, these are actually cuter than real Uggs with the tough looking motorcycle hardware.  And they are made in a factory that is “human rights approved.”

Introducing: The Best Vegan Uggs Ever!

Neuaura Dakota Vegan Uggs


Yea, they are pricey, but they will pay off in the long run with not having to constantly buy new, crappily-made versions every winter.

They cost between $120-150 *unless you find a discount code or hit up their sales* and are all available on or Buy them on amazon

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    This list has a privacy policy.