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The World’s Sexiest Black Boots

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When something is fabulous here at GGA HQ, we say “BOOTS!”   Which translates (in our exceedingly dramatic way) to glitter, Rupaul, glamouuuur, and anything that gives our little girlie hearts a hard-on.

But when we saw the newest Stella boots, we were borderline apoplectic.   This is poetry in a boot.   Dancing stars on a leg.   Sex on heels.   And unfortunately, they cost as much as a Month of rent.   So, although we will probably have to pass on buying them (unless they hit our next Stella sample sale, which we highly doubt since all the vegan vaginas and rockstarlings will snatch these up the minute their lusty eyes get sight of them)… we will sit and stare at them for another good twenty minutes.   It goes without saying that all boots featured below are eco and vegan..   how fabulous our options are!

Stella McCartney Pierced (Faux) Leather OTK Boot, $1,595. @

Stella McCartney Pierced (Faux) Leather OTK Boot, $1,595. @

Not so much into the temptress look?   Try these comfortable and chic boots on.. and you’ll probably never take them off.   Plus, they match absolutely everything.. and if you gain your winter weight they will pair perfectly with a slouchy sweater and leggings all winter long without having to revert to sneakers and sweats.

Cri de Coeur Ariel Over-the-knee Boots, $340 @

Cri de Coeur Ariel Over-the-knee Boots, $340 @

Want flats that have a biiiiit more panache?   These OlsenHaus “Thriller” boots will keep your dogs from barking and keep your edgy, rocker look going even when the weather outside is frightening.

Thriller (shown in black & red), $250 @

Thriller (shown in black & red), $250 @

Want more, you boot-hogging glutton?   Check out our recent blog on our Must-HAVE boots for Fall 09!

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. Jeanie says:

    When I saw the name of this post, I immediately thought of these:
    though I like the ones that you posted better!

    Oh Stella. Why must you make such gorgeous, unaffordable shoes? *sigh*

  2. Ari says:

    That Stella OTK boot is FIERCE!!! WORK!!!

  3. Ali B says:

    I want those middle boots by Cri de Coeur! But I already spent my fabulous vegan fashion items money for the year on my Vaute Couture coat. If life were perfect, I’d have both.

  4. Those boots are effin’ smokin’ hot. Hot Hot Hot!!!

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  6. [...] Girlie Girl Army Tells us about the world’s sexiest and most ethical black boots. [...]

  7. [...] Looking for the world’s sexiest (and most ethical) black boots? Look no further than the Girlie Girl Army. [...]

  8. Amy A says:

    If anyone needs to make a cheaper second line (not just for adidas or le sportsac either)…it’s stella. please, please, please

  9. Black Boots says:

    There are so many sexy black boots it is hard to narrow it down. I’m not sure how you grabbed these three ones. However, those Stella McCartney are spectacular. I really enjoyed them! I’ll take them in to account when working on our Black Boots blog. Thanks so much for the good stuff.

  10. Those boots are smokin hot!

  11. [...] Looking for the world's sexiest (and most ethical) black boots?  Look no further than the Girlie Girl Army. [...]

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