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The Greatest Raw, Vegan Flatbreads We’ve Ever Tried!

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WrawP, a new line of raw and vegan flatbread, will change the way you think of bread alternatives forever. WrawP is the most perfect flatbread solution you can find, besides using kale or lettuce to wrap your food in! Why? Simple…WrawPs are healthy for you in every way and unbelievably delicious! They are 100% vegan, raw, gluten-free, paleo, USDA certified organic, wheat-free, low-in-calories, low-in-fat, all natural, a superfood, high in fiber and more! Simply put: They are a perfect food.

WrawPs are for absolutely anyone looking to add a delicious and healthy product into their diet. They are perfect for at your work desk when a salad is too messy, or to put in the littles school lunch boxes. They go great with any filling from fruit and veggies to (preferably vegan!) cold cuts and grains. “WrawP up your own “sushi” roll, layer with toppings for a WrawP pizza, or load with sweet dessert fillings like chocolate and fruits. Thanks to the plethora of flavors – from “Spirulina Pizza Crust” to you can find a WrawP to go with any filling you crave, savory or sweet. They passed the kid and picky-husband test, and the price is right. You can find them at your local health food store, Erewhon Natural Foods (our favorite health food store!,) most Whole Foods, on their website, or (well priced) on amazon!

The Greatest Raw, Vegan Flatbreads We've Ever Tried


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