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The Video Every Mother Needs to See

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If you are a mother or you have one, this video of my very personal experience will help you see dairy from a new perspective.

When I became a mama, my dairy-free life took on a whole new depth meaning. A beautiful afternoon session of breastfeeding my newborn daughter turned mournful and I couldn’t understand why. Until it hit me. May my story help bring awareness to make the connection that none of our actions is without consequence. Remember that a choice is no longer personal the moment it affects someone else.

Mother’s Day is coming up and whether our babies have skin, fur, feathers, or scales, mothering deserves celebration, recognition, and existence. Sadly, there are countless mothers who will never have the opportunity to be with their babies, including the forgotten mama cows entangled in the dairy industry whose babies are taken away shortly after birth so that humans can consume their milk. This video is for them.

Just as humans do, cows have very strong maternal instincts. Looking through the eyes of a cow, my experience of motherhood seems like a privilege. But it isn’t. It is the birthright of every mother and child.

Many people think it’s different on organic, grass fed, humane, local, family farms, and all those marketing buzzwords used on labels. Even though they may sound nicer, these phrases don’t assure better lives for the animals. The mechanics remain the same, including the unavoidable separation of baby from mother, painful surgical mutilations without anesthetic, factory-style milking, and premature slaughter. PR firms conjured up these terms to sell more dairy products at a higher price to people who care. Don’t buy it.

And there’s no need to when we can easily choose both deliciousness and compassion in every bite with milks, cheeses, and other foods made from plants like coconuts, almonds, cashews, soy, and more. Go for the triple win for people, animals, and planet!

If you’re struggling with your relationship to dairy and are ready to kick it to the curb, try my program The 12-Day Dairy Detox.

The Video Every Mother Needs to See

The Video Every Mother Needs to See: Allison and her daughter Olivia

Allison Rivers Samson is an award-winning vegan chef, author, mom, wellness coach, and co-Founder of The 12-Day Dairy Detox.  

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Chloé! Happy Mother’s Day! xo

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