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gDiapers Hit Our Mommy Convenience gSpot (PLUS: Win gDiapers!!)

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If you love the idea of cloth diapers, but the convenience of disposables.. gDiapers are where it’s at.  At GGA HQ we have generally diapered the following way: fully cloth (all-in-ones are our favorite) at home and Seventh Generation disposables for on the go.

Welcome gDiapers who have busted a cap in the disposable diaper market with a better alternative.

Here’s how it works:

Kim and Jason Graham-Nye are the co-founders of gDiapers, but they are not the inventors of the technology. Kim and Jason were living in water-starved Australia when they were pregnant with their first son. They didn’t want to use conventional disposable diapers, as so many parents are apt to do, owing to the staggering statistics that they came across. Specifically, that in the US alone, 50 million disposable diapers head for the landfill every day. And each one of them can take 500 years to break down. Only 5% of the world population uses disposable diapers, and the bulk of them are in the US (95% of Americans use disposable diapers).


gDiapers Founding Family


The other option then would be cloth diapers, but cloth diapers require a hefty amount of water, so these weren’t a logical eco-diaper option for the Graham-Nyes. So they set out to find what else could be out there. As it turns out, the answer was practically in their backyard. A small Tasmanian company was making flushable, fully compostable diapers. The flushable diapers were actually inserts that tucked inside reusable cotton diaper covers.

Disposable diapers require plastic to keep the moisture contained, and it’s that plastic layer that keep disposable diapers from breaking down. So the technology of a flushable/compostable diaper insert bypassed the need for a plastic layer, as the inserts would be used inside breathable, waterproof diaper covers, using cotton and nylon instead of polypropylene.The Graham-Nyes worked with the Tasmanian company to come to an agreement. They bought the worldwide rights for everywhere outside Australia and New Zealand. Then they packed up their family, moved to Portland, Oregon, re-branded as gDiapers, and set out to revolutionize the diaper industry from the bottom up.
gDiapers disposable inserts are 100% biodegradable* and are the only diaper to be certified Cradle to Cradle, which means that everything that goes into or comes out of our inserts will be reabsorbed by the planet in a neutral or positive way. The alternate to Cradle to Cradle is cradle to grave, which is as bad as it sounds.

gDiapers breathable diaper covers are called gPants. Use disposable inserts inside gPants for a disposable diaper that’s easy on the planet. Or use with cloth inserts, a washable option.  Plus, they are so adorable.. it’s like adding an amazing wardrobe option to the little one’s fashion repertoire.  And the gDiaper brand wipes may be the best we’ve ever used (eco or conventional.)

Here’s the good stuff:

WIN gDiapers!!

Here’s how to enter: sign up for GGA emails (extra points for liking us on FB), and then leave a creative diaper related comment below!

Trust us, there is no family alive who doesn’t appreciate winning more diapers!

  • – 2 gPants from the current spring collection of solid colors (winner can select size and color)
  • – a package of disposable inserts
  • – a package of gWipes


*disposable inserts are biodegradable in home composts per ASTM standards by a third party independent lab (wet ones only please). Nothing truly biodegrades in a landfill. But gDiapers gives you options for disposal. Flush, compost or toss. The choice is yours.

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    This list has a privacy policy.