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Mother Dies Of Cancer: Final Wish Is Breastmilk For Her Baby

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How can we all not rally together for this child?  Violet’s Mother Renee J. Nobles (you can read her obit here)  found out she had terminal liver cancer while pregnant with her child. She made the ultimate life-giving decision for her new baby against chemotherapy. Renee carried her daughter for 32 weeks gestation. The liver cancer had become too aggressive.

Renee J. Noble

Renee delivered Violet peacefully with only one push.  Violet was born November 17th, she was released from the NICU on December 1st. And her mother, Renee, passed away December 15th. Her dying wish is that her daughter be raised on breastmilk.  Violet was the fifth of Renee’s children to be born to a Mother who loved holistic healing and baking.

Violet is 4.6lbs at birth. She is healthy and strong.

Renee’s dying wish was that her daughter could be raised on human milk.  Her family is dedicated to making this wish come true.  If you have any milk that you are able to donate, please contact them at milkforbabyviolet@gmail.com.

Renee & Violet

Violet is located in Dutchess County in New York.  They are able to travel a bit to pick up, and currently have drop-centers set up around the area.

Read more about Violet’s story and see drop off center locations here.


Our prayers worked,  the family is currently full with milk!  Hoorah! If you have extra milk, please donate to one of the milk banks affiliated with Human Milk Banks of North America.   The milk is screened, tested and pasteurized (as safe as blood from a blood bank) and is prioritized for premature babies and critically ill babies that desperately need mama’s milk!  Donating to a registered milk bank should be a priority, but moms who can not donate to a milk bank (they have strict requirements) and are disease free should post their available milk on Human Milk for Human Babies.  They are facing an unprecedented demand and are constantly at near-shortage levels!  Donor milk and that it is the next best food for babies after a mother’s own milk, let’s help fill up some milk banks!

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. DJ Karma says:

    What a heartbreaking story! I’m currently in my third trimester, and would totally donate if I lived in the area and not across the nation! I hope she gets the milk she needs.

  2. Donna Oakes says:

    Chloe Jo, you are an absolute angel for posting this. Thank you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Amber Lopeman says:

    I live in Indiana, if I lived closer I have a little bit I could donate with. This is so sad.. Have you all tried HM4HB?

  4. Kristen Rossi says:

    I would absolutely donate milk in a heartbeat! I am even going dairy/soy free for my 12-week old, as he has a cow’s milk/soy protein sensitivity, so my milk is allergy friendly! :-) I am from New Jersey, I’ll have to take a look at the drop-off locations….

  5. Nicole says:

    Does violet need premie clothes still? I would love to send my daughters.

  6. Jazmon says:

    Are they taking shipments of milk? I’d be happy to freeze and ship if they are!

  7. Beth says:

    I would totally donate if I did not live on the other side of the U.S. I am praying her mother’s wish comes true. Blessing little Babe!

  8. Janet says:

    just wanted to let everyone know that you can ship EBM on dry ice so it doesn’t matter where you live. You might have to google for instructions or call the milk bank.

  9. Amy says:

    I live fairly close and would love to help. I am not producing a whole lot b/c my DD is only 11 weeks but I will do what I can. We are dairy free too b/c of allergies.

  10. […] Bloggers helped spread the word, and soon, there was more milk than Violet could possibly use. “Violet will absolutely, DEFINITELY have all of the milk that she needs,” emailed Bekki Hill, who is helping organize the milk drive, to a lactation consultant who had reposted the need for milk on her Facebook page. […]

  11. GirlieGirlArmy says:

    Please see UPDATE in piece above – our prayers & donations all collectively worked! PLEASE consider a donation to a milk bank for critical babies – details above.

  12. This is so such a sad story; I wish I was in a position to donate. I will share this story…

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