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Fur Season Hits Fashion Week (& Pinnacle Hits Them Back)

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“Fur is as much a no-no as ever. It’s sexually dodgy, feels funny, and reeks when it’s rained on.”
– Olivier Lalanne, Vogue Hommes International

“The fur industry has re-branded itself as the ethical alternative to ‘fast fashion.’ I think this is complete nonsense. People are losing their morality.”
-Shelly Vella, Cosmopolitan (UK)

Fur means animals tortured, anally or vaginally electrocuted, and then skinned and chemically treated to make a coat that is (in this day and age) completely unnecessary.  Want to know what arctic explorers wear in the ice cold? Synthetics! That’s right, you are more likely to win friends with fleece than fur! With all the fabulous alternatives to fur (um, Vaute Couture coats, anyone?) why on earth would a fashionista with a heart (aka a compassionista!) participate in a trend that is cruel and violent.  If you love your dog, then make them earmuffs to match your fur coat – or don’t wear fur at all.

While fashion week in NYC is literally rolling in fur (even Louboutins runway shoes were covered in fur) a handsome young warrior named Joshua Katcher is blazing a trail, standing by at the fashion shows with his glitterati team of  activists, all dressed to the nines giving out a free “fashion” magazine which seem to be like any trendy mag, large and hip, covered in models and fierce clothes… til you get to the inside of the publication and see this;

Open publication – Free publishingMore anti-fur
PINNACLE: Reinvent the Icon reassesses and reinvents anti-fur imagery and tactics by presenting proof positive that animal friendly alternatives to fur and leather are not only fashion friendly, but offer a preferable alternative to the outdated looks that furriers and designers advocate with the use of animal pelts and skins. The magazines also present irrefutable information about fur and the ills of its use in compelling and enlightening articles, as well as captivating illustrations by accomplished artists.

This volume features eco-fabulous designers Dirty Librarian Chains, Matt & Nat, Olsen Haus, Marlena Pavich, Natalie Rae Richardson, VPL by Victoria Bartlett, Even Wren, April 77, and Imposter; an essay by Animals Asia founder and CEO Jill Robinson; and the art of Rob Bigwood, Alyssa Diaz, Jordan Elise, Christopher K. Lees, Tara Jacoby, Jess Evelyn Leroy, Kyle Opheim, and SIT.

All these clothes, shoes, bags, products, and models are 100% vegan!

How can you help? Forward this to everyone you know and tell them you to support Pinnacle.  There are a billion ways to support this project, click here to learn more.
All images above courtesy of PINNACLE: Reinvent the Icon

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    This list has a privacy policy.