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Five Ways To Make And Save Cash Without Selling Your Ass Or Soul

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  1. Buy in bulk, cook in bulk. It’s amazing what a pound of brown rice and green lentils can do.   You can stay fed for a week!   For a few bucks!   Become Bff’s with the bulk bins at your local health food store.
  2. Sell anything you truly don’t use. It’s good for your mind to keep things neat and tidy, constant re-assessing of what you have and what you truly need (or don’t) is a positive action.   Try a Monthly re-assessment of your possessions, you’ll be shocked at what you’ve realized you really don’t need. That means; Sell your non-beloved books on Powells (they even pay for shipping.) Sell clothes you don’t wear to your local consignment store (that includes mens and kids stuff.) In NY we recommend Clementine for baby and kids, Beacon’s Closet for grown up’s, and Ina for Couture resale. Sell Jewelry you no longer wear to the pawn shop or jeweler. Sell electronics, antiques, furniture, and anything else you don’t totally love on ebay or Craigs List.   The rest – donate.   Tax write offs rock.
  3. Quit eco and health evil habits: Weekly manicures and pedicures are a total waste of money, and inhaling that crap is totally toxic.   Cut your nails short and wear them naked once in a blue moon, it looks chic and feels nice.   Do your own toes, or make your Partner do them.   It’s sort of sexy.   Quit smoking, that goes without saying.   Forget about ordering that second drink at the overpriced hipster bar.   Bring lunch to work.   Buy a box of organic green tea and bring it to the office over buying coffee at Star*ucks.   It’s amazing what a few bucks a week can turn into in your bank account. Prioritize and minimize.
  4. Always search for a discount code before buying anything online.   Retailmenot gets you discount codes on almost every website imaginable.   And if you must buy something luxe, be sure to sign up for sites like Gilt, Shop it To Me, Totsy, and ShopBop which all have fantastic deals on overpriced fancy pants items (including tons of organics!) You can also use our cheapskates section for percentages off on lots of your favorite green, vegan, and organic lines!
  5. Use reward cards, frequent flier numbers, coupons, etc.   You may feel dorky when you are doing it, but it will pay off when that CVS Extra $5 coupon pops out after a few toilet paper shops!   Yay!   That’s toothpaste money.   When you don’t have a card or number to rely on, ask for a discount.   It can’t hurt, and it certainly may help.


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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Nicole says:

    Subscribe to magazines and share them with friends instead of buying them off the racks.

    Call your cell phone, satellite or cable, internet provider, insurance company, etc. and ask for a lower rate or a current promotion if it’s cheaper than what you’re paying now. I saved almost $200 a year after calling when I lost my job.

    Look for free events online and see if there is a $1 theatre in your area so you can still have a social life.

    Look for tutorials online to see if there are cool accessories you can learn to make yourself. They will be original, one of a kind items that you will love because they will be personalized and if you really enjoy it and get compliments on the items you can even make them as gifts and save tons of money!

    I love saving money!

  2. Nicki says:

    This came just in time for me! Thanks CJ!!!

  3. b says:

    It’s too bad that Beacon’s Closet only buys about 1% of the clothes you bring in – if it’s not ultra high end designer (which you are better off selling on Ebay) or uber-hipster, the people working behind the counter will definitely turn their nose up at it!

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