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Huffington Post: I’m Having Another Boy, Get Over It: On Gender Birthing Biases Mamaglow + Accompany Ethical Mothers Day Interview – Chloe Jo Davis Get On Top with Chloe Jo Davis of GirlieGirlArmy



The Best Eco & Green Blogs to Follow


2015 Expert Interview with Chloe Jo Davis on Being an Eco Conscious Glamazon

The Next Frontier Of Thoughtful Parenting StrollerTraffic

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition with Chloé Jo Davis: The Vegan Street Blog

Noveaux Magazine, Style & Stil


2014 Chloe Jo Davis

Moby on Veganism + Quinoa Milk! + The Roos in Your Shoes + The Kimye Spoofs: EcoSalon

IEatGrass: GirlieGirl Army’s Chloé Jo Davis Lands New Green Series on

Zen Mama Teleconference Interview: Chloé Jo Davis – GirlieGirl Army: Discover How To Stand In Your Truth And Be The Mama You’re Meant To Be!

Imagine Fashion: TASTEMAKER: Chloé Jo Davis

Beauty On Bond: Green Your Beauty Routine In Brooklyn

The Stylish Kind: Influencer Q+A: Chloe Jo Davis



Naya Website:  How Do You Naya

The Marilu Show: Marilu Henner’s Radio Show – Chloé Jo Davis Interview

Mainstreet Vegan Radio Show: Victoria Moran’s Radio Show – Chloé Jo Davis Interview

Of Course Vegan: GirlieGirl Army founder Chloé pushes cruelty-free fashion for women

Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life:  Bear’s Birthday in Washington Square Park

Twitter – Re-tweets from Mike White, Roseanne Barr, Alicia Silverstone, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, Princess Superstar, Emily Deschanel, Russell Simmons, Meredith Salenger, Rebecca Walker, B*tch, Kris Carr

CGPS Alumni News : GirlieGirl Army Mention

Vegan American Princess: My Dream Girls For A Vegan Reality TV Show

Red Radio – EP57: You’re Not Hardcore Unless You Live Hardcore!

Katie Couric:  Chloé Jo Davis interview with Katie (Air date June 29 2013)

Pretty Pushers:  Interview With Chloé Jo Davis



Natural Child World Magazine : Ahimsa Mamazon

Madame Figaro Japan: Chloé Jo’s Favorite Eco-Baby Products

Wall Street Journal: Helping Farm Friends

Babble: Breastfeeding Fashion Photo in Italian ELLE Magazine



The Kind Life: Eco-friendly gift wrapping tips

This Dish is Veg : Vegan online store Ethical Ocean partners with Chloe Jo Davis

Teem Gorgeous : The luscious Gretchen Ryan : Vegan Fashion: Compassionate Couture

KarmaLoop: Chloé Jo Named Chick Of The Month

A Slip Of A Girl: Interview with Chloé Jo Davis of Girlie Girl Army


Vegan Consultant

Italian Elle: Rule Breakers

The Kind Life : Breastfeeding Basics by Alicia Silverstone



New York Times : Now, The Cosmetics Jar Matters, Too

Vegan Mainstream: Interview: Chloé Jo Davis on Living Like a Glamazon

The Examiner: Fashion Trends: Interview with Chloé Jo Davis of Girlie Girl Army – National Style



The Lunchbox Box : Chloé Jo Berman’s Veggie Girl Power Interview!

Vegetarian Star: Meatless Mouthful: Chloé Jo Berman Says Suck It

The Huffington Post:  LL Cool J Honors Linda Loudermilk and Others at Fashion Pays it Forward

VegNews : From TV to Twitter (click to view pdf, right click to save)

Fashion Delivers: Chloe Jo won’t keep her clothes on or her mouth shut!

ECORAZZI : Hot New Animal Documentary Holds NYC Fundraising Bash

ECORAZZI: Exclusive Sneak Peak: Stars Break Bread On Hot New Vegan Show



ECORAZZI : Ethical Style Gives Chloe Jo Berman Some Q & A Time

ECORAZZI :  Eco-Loving Experts Team Up For Green Lifestyle Program

ECORAZZI : Emily Deschanel And Rory Freedman Dream About The Perfect Earth Day

ECORAZZI : Vegan Shoe Designer Chats With Fashion Forward Eco Stars!

Ethical Style : Chloe Jo Featured Ethical Style

Vegetarian Star: Chloé Feature

Good Morning America: Chloé Feature

ECORAZZI: Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine Holds Star-Studded Vegan Event

Hot97 : GirlieGirl Chloe Jo gets a little dirty with the boys from Hot 97

ECORAZZI: The Green Quote: Finola Hughes Is A Green Machine



ECORAZZI: Ecorazzi Frolics In Farm Sanctuary’s Star-Studded Winter Wonderland

Veg News: Ethical Style Icons Award

Bust Magazine Chloé Jo Mention

Ithaca Times Chloé Jo Mention

Village Voice: Rock & Rescue Benefit Chloé Jo Mention

Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry Loves The GirlieGirl Army

KAIGHT: NYC’s Hottest Green Girl

Veg News: Pretty on the Inside (click to view pdf, right click to save)

The Jew Spot: The Glamorous Tzedakess: Meet Chloe Jo

The Fashion Spot: Chloé Jo Article

New York Times -Times Square Weathers a Brief Shower, With No Beef Chloé Jo Mention

Social Diva


2007 – Past

(click to view pdf, right click to save)
HEEB Magazines HEEB 100
Glamour Magzine January 2008
Atlanta Magazine 1
Atlanta Magazine 2
The Village Voice
Readers Digest, see Girlie Girl on page 78
Girlfriends Magazine



The Big Enough Company: How Women Can Build Great Businesses and Happier Lives

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Mindfully, Living Longer, and Feeling Better Every Day

Main Street Vegan: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Healthfully and Live Compassionately in the Real World



World Peace Yoga Festival

Jivamukti Festival

The Seed



Nights At The Roundtable – Lifestyle Expert/ Host/ Content Creator Green Living Series – Host/ Content Creator/ Lifestyle Expert – Series

DBTV/ Discerning Brute & GirlieGirlArmy Youtube Series

Little Sprouts/ Big City –   Lifestyle Expert/ Host/ Content Creator

Planet Verge TV – Guest

Posers – YouTube Series – Guest



Katie Couric: Interview

The Gay Riviera: Bravo – Leading Cast Member



Mommy N’ Me –  Leading Cast Member – VH1 – Irwin Entertainment

Million Dollar Nanny – Cast Member –  Leftfield Pictures

Hot Green Girl –  Leading Cast Member – Lifestyle Expert/ Host/ Content Creator – Producers: Matt Boren & Finola Hughes



Q102 – Cast Member on Booker’s Show – Lifestyle Expert

Hot97 – Rosenberg Radio – Lifestyle Expert – Guest

Red Radio – Guest

TuneIn Radio – Marilu Henner Radio Show – Guest

Unity FM – Mainstreet Radio – Guest



Silk Soy Milk – Lead – Directed by Errol Morris

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