Monday, September 25th, 2017

About GGA

GirlieGirl Army is your Glamazon Guide to Green Living; a one-stop online resource for a ferociously progressive, urban-minded approach to cruelty-free living. We don’t carry picket signs, we carry designer clutches. We don’t preach, we polish. Our message is simple: You can live large and still make a positive impact. You can be eco-conscious and elegant. Our newsletter is packed with the what’s-what and how-to on what some might glibly call “green living,” but our bulletin ain’t soaked in patchouli, and it’s definitely not asking you to become some sort of hygiene-shunning hippie. We’re here for the sake of providing the before-it’s-current pulse of conscientious living, fresh and fierce to your Inbox weekly. It’s by and for people who fancy fashion without the fiendishness of animal testing or skins, and who want to indulge and promote the best life possible, for both themselves, their kids, their pets, their stomachs, and their inner-circle.  200,000++ Monthly readers who die for our tips n’ tricks come to us for any eco Mommy quandaries. We have been featured everywhere from The New York Times to Jimmy Kimmel and celebs from Alicia Silverstone to Emily Deschanel have claimed us as a favorite website.


The Founder, Chloé Jo Davis (nee Berman)

Beyond being a writer, green expert, radio host, online personality, speaker, Mom, and ethical fashion expert; Chloé Jo has a built-in audience of readers and fans from years of being a NYC local celebrity. In her twenties, she was named one of NYC’s hottest party promoters by The Village Voice, one of the Hot 100 by HEEB Magazine to more recently winning the Circle of Moms Eco-friendly Mom award, receiving a Fashion Delivers Pay it Fashion Forward award, and being named a “Rule Changer” by Italian Elle photographed by Amanda De Cadanet. Chloé gently preaches eco living, fundraising, vintage scouting, crafting, animal care, vegan pregnancy, green mothering, and eco ante upping in the sexiest way possible. You are as likely to see her front row at a fashion show air kissing her fabulous friends, as you leading a demonstration for a cause she’s passionate about. LL Cool J called her an “indie-super-eco-heroine…greening the world one person and animal at a time.” You’ve also seen Chloé as Celebrity Dirt’s Host on RiverWired, in an Errol Morris-Directed National Commercial for Silk Soy Milk, in Bravo’s “Gay Riviera,” and making regular cameos on numerous news shows, as well as having filmed 4 tv pilots for major networks. She lives in New York City with her husband, 2 sons, and rescued pets. She was featured on Katie Couric in a one on one interview with Katie. and recently collaborated with as their host and content creator of a series of 35 glam green videos (About has more than 86 million users each month) that will rolling out through 2015.



Top 100 Vegan Fashion Blogs

Top 75 Green Living Blogs for an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle Vegan of the Year Award 2012 for outstanding vegan website Vegetarian Website Award for excellence in vegetarian information

Voted Ethical Fashion Icon by Veg News

Honoree at 2nd Annual Pay it Fashion Forward Event





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